The Vegetarian Federal Union's stall at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893

The Vegetarian Federal Union (VFU) was a British vegetarianism organisation founded in 1889, which operated until 1911.


In July 1889, a group of individuals from the London Vegetarian Society met and drew up plans to form what would become the Vegetarian Federal Union.[1] It was originally intended to bring together all of the British vegetarian societies under the umbrella of a "Vegetarian Union", with each society having a number of votes proportional to its membership.[2] In September of that year, after the first vegetarian International Congress in Cologne, Germany, the organisation was inspired to expand its focus to creating a global union of vegetarian societies.[2] It was officially started at a meeting on 1 October of the same year.[3] Arnold F. Hills of the London Vegetarian Society was elected as Chairman,[2] W. E. A. Axon was Vice-Chairman[4] and Josiah Oldfield was secretary.[5]

The organisation was superseded by the International Vegetarian Union in 1908.[6]

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