Boca Burger
An "original chick'n" veggie patty
Product typeVeggie burger
OwnerKraft Heinz
Produced byKraft Foods
Introduced1979; 45 years ago (1979)

Boca Burger is a veggie burger produced by Kraft Heinz in Chicago, Illinois. Like all of Boca Foods' products, Boca Burgers serve as a meat alternative.[1][2]


Boca Burger

The Boca Foods Company began in 1979 with the vegetarian "Sun Burger" product, as one of the first frozen, plant-based burger replacement products.[1] Over the next decade, more burgers were introduced, as well as meatless versions of ground beef, chicken nuggets, various toppings on pizza, chili, lasagna, and sausages. Organic versions of some Boca products appeared in 2001.

Then Kraft Foods, the United States' largest packaged foods company, announced in early 2000 that it had reached agreement to purchase Boca Burger, Inc., a privately held manufacturer and marketer of soy-based meat alternatives. The announcement was made when Kraft Foods was represented by Gordon James and Clifford A. Wolff. The products are sold in the United States through retail grocery and club stores, natural foods stores and food service channels nationwide. Boca Burger, based in Chicago, Illinois, had 1999 revenues of about $40 million, almost double the previous year.[3] By 2002, sales had grown to $70 million per year.[3]

As of April 2020, Boca also offers meatless skillet meals.[4]


Year Award Result
2008 PETA: The Golden Bun Awards Won[5]

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