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Canoeing at the 1964 Summer Olympics (women's K2) on a stamp of Japan
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Canoeing at the 1964 Summer Olympics was held between 20 October 1964 and 22 October 1964 on Lake Sagami, 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Sagamiko, Kanagawa, Japan. There were 7 events, 5 of which were for men and 2 for women. Both of the women's events were 500 metre kayaking events; there were three kayaking and two canoeing events for men, all of which covered 1000 metres. The K-4 event for men was introduced to the Olympic program at these Games, replacing the 4×500 metre K-1 event that was raced in the 1960 Games.

The Romanian canoeists garnered the most medals at 5, but did not win a single gold medal. In that category the Soviet competitors were the most successful, taking three championships. The German team and the Swedish team each won a pair of golds as well.

Medal table

1 Soviet Union (URS)3014
2 United Team of Germany (EUA)2114
3 Sweden (SWE)2002
4 Romania (ROU)0235
5 United States (USA)0112
6 France (FRA)0101
 Hungary (HUN)0101
 Netherlands (NED)0101
9 Denmark (DEN)0011
Totals (9 entries)77721

Medal summary

Men's events

Games Gold Silver Bronze
C-1 1000 m
Jürgen Eschert
 United Team of Germany
Andrei Igorov
Yevgeny Penyayev
 Soviet Union
C-2 1000 m
 Andrei Khimich
and Stepan Oshchepkov (URS)
 Jean Boudehen
and Michel Chapuis (FRA)
 Peer Nielsen
and John Sørensen (DEN)
K-1 1000 m
Rolf Peterson
Mihály Hesz
Aurel Vernescu
K-2 1000 m
 Gunnar Utterberg
and Sven-Olov Sjödelius (SWE)
 Antonius Geurts
and Paul Hoekstra (NED)
 Heinz Büker
and Holger Zander (EUA)
K-4 1000 m
 Soviet Union (URS)
Nikolai Chuzhikov
Anatoli Grishin
Vyacheslav Ionov
Vladimir Morozov
 United Team of Germany (EUA)
Günther Perleberg
Bernhard Schulze
Friedhelm Wentzke
Holger Zander
 Romania (ROU)
Simion Cuciuc
Atanase Sciotnic
Mihai Ţurcaş
Aurel Vernescu

Women's events

Games Gold Silver Bronze
K-1 500 m
Lyudmila Khvedosyuk
 Soviet Union
Hilde Lauer
Marcia Jones
 United States
K-2 500 m
 Annemarie Zimmermann
and Roswitha Esser (EUA)
 Francine Fox
and Glorianne Perrier (USA)
 Hilde Lauer
and Cornelia Sideri (ROU)


Coordinates: 35°48′11″N 139°40′08″E / 35.8031°N 139.6689°E / 35.8031; 139.6689