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Chimenticook River
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationAroostook County, Maine, United States
 • elevation320 m (1,050 ft)
 • location
Aroostook County, Maine, United States
 • elevation
214 m (702 ft)
Length32.6 km (20.3 mi)
 • locationSaint John River (Bay of Fundy)

The river Chimenticook is a tributary of the Saint John River (Bay of Fundy), flowing in the canton T13 R13 Wels, in the Aroostook County, in North of Maine, in United States.

Its course is in forest area in a valley enclosed by high mountains, in the southeast of the US border. Its course is situated between the river Powock (northeast side) and "Twomile Brook" (West side).

The river side of the river is accessible by Chimenticook some forest roads.


The upper part of the "River Chimenticook" begins in Notre Dame Mountains at the mouth of the East Lake (length: 9.2 kilometres (5.7 mi); height: 315 metres (1,033 ft)) in Aroostook County (Maine). This Canadian lake surrounded by mountains has two parts connected by a strait, and only 0.4 kilometres (0.25 mi) of its length (southeast part) is in American territory. This lake is mainly fed by the River Spikes (Kamouraska) (from the West) and the "ruisseau Blanc" (White Brook) (coming from the North).

The mouth of the East Lake flows through the southeast and is located at:

From the mouth of the East Lake, the Chimenticook river flows on 32.6 kilometres (20.3 mi) as follows:

The "Chimenticook River" flows into a river curve on the north shore of Saint John River, Canton T16 R13 Wels, the Aroostook County. This confluence is located at:


The term "Chimenticook" is original Abenaki.

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