Little Black River
Named "Rivière Noire" in Quebec
Physical characteristics
 • locationSaint-Athanase, Quebec, in Temiscouata RCM, Bas-Saint-Laurent
 • coordinates47°24′47″N 69°30′08″W / 47.41306°N 69.50222°W / 47.41306; -69.50222
 • location
Allagash, Maine, Aroostook County, North Maine Woods, Maine
 • coordinates
47°07′00″N 69°05′36″W / 47.11667°N 69.09333°W / 47.11667; -69.09333
Length62.9 kilometres (39.1 mi)
 • locationAllagash, Maine
Basin features
 • left(from mouth) In Maine: Meadow brook, Oxbow brook, Little Fafey brook, Hafey brook, Rocky brook, Beauer Branch (upper part named "ruisseau du Castor" in Quebec); in Quebec: discharge of "Lac du Cinq" (Five Lake).
 • right(from mouth) In Maine: Kelly brook, Moores brook, Johnson brook, Harvey brook, Carrie Bogan brook, Knowland Brook, West Branch, Campbell Branch Little Black River, West Branch Little Black River (Quebec–Maine).

The Little Black River (French: Rivière Noire) is a river flowing in the south of Quebec (Canada) and in the north of Maine (United States).


From its source (47°24′47″N 69°31′01″W / 47.413°N 69.517°W / 47.413; -69.517 (Rivière Noire source)), in Témiscouata RCM, Quebec, the river runs East and Southeast across the Canada–United States border in Maine Township 19, Range 12, WELS, to the Saint John River at Allagash, Maine.

The Little Black River flows over 62.9 kilometres (39.1 mi) especially in forest areas.

Upper course of the river in Quebec (segment of 19.4 kilometres (12.1 mi) designated Black River)

From its source, the river flows on:

Lower course of the river in Maine (segment of 43.5 kilometres (27.0 mi) designated Little Black River)

From the border between Quebec and Maine, the Little Black river flows on:

The confluence of the Black River ("Little Black River") is located in Allagash, Maine, in Aroostook County, either:

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