West Branch Sheepscot River
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationMaine
 • elevation410 feet (120 m)
 • location
Sheepscot River
 • coordinates
44°14′26″N 69°34′23″W / 44.2405°N 69.5730°W / 44.2405; -69.5730 (West Branch Sheepscot River)
 • elevation
110 feet (34 m)
Length25 miles (40 km)

The West Branch Sheepscot River is a 24.9-mile-long (40.1 km)[1] river in Maine. The branch originates in the northwest corner of Palermo (44°27′27″N 69°25′20″W / 44.4575°N 69.4222°W / 44.4575; -69.4222 (West Branch Sheepscot River source)) and flows southwesterly through Branch Pond and the village of Weeks Mills in the town of China. The branch then flows southerly through the town of Windsor to a confluence with the Sheepscot River between Coopers Mills and North Whitefield. The branch is bridged by Maine State Route 3 between Branch Pond and Weeks Mills, by Maine State Route 105 at Windsor and by concurrent Maine State Routes 17 and 32 near Coopers Mills.

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