Jordan Stream
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
SourceJordan Pond
 • locationMount Desert, Maine
 • coordinates44°19′19″N 68°15′17″W / 44.3220519°N 68.2548070°W / 44.3220519; -68.2548070
 • elevation271 ft (83 m)[1]
MouthLittle Long Pond
 • location
Seal Harbor, Maine
 • coordinates
44°18′11″N 68°15′22″W / 44.30293586°N 68.25597529°W / 44.30293586; -68.25597529
Length1.4 mi (2.3 km)

Jordan Stream is a watercourse, about 1.4 miles (2.3 km) long, in the American village of Seal Harbor, Maine.[2][3] It originates at the southern end of Jordan Pond, in the nearby town of Mount Desert, and flows directly south to its mouth at the northern end of Little Long Pond.[1]

The Jordan Stream valley is pre-glacial. It originally drained southeasterly to Seal Harbor but now drains, initially through a bedrock gorge, southwesterly.[4]


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