West Branch Pleasant River
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationMaine
 • elevation1,460 feet (450 m)
 • location
Pleasant River
 • coordinates
45°21′55″N 69°03′12″W / 45.3654°N 69.0533°W / 45.3654; -69.0533 (West Branch Pleasant River)
 • elevation
350 feet (110 m)
Basin features
ProgressionPleasant River
Piscataquis River
Penobscot River

The West Branch Pleasant River is a 36.1-mile-long (58.1 km)[1] tributary of the Piscataquis River in Piscataquis County, Maine. From a location north of Fourth West Branch Pond (45°36′32″N 69°16′08″W / 45.609°N 69.269°W / 45.609; -69.269 (West Branch Pleasant River source)) in Shawtown (Township A, Range 12, WELS), the river runs about 18 miles (29 km) counterclockwise around the White Cap Mountain massif, then about 18 miles (29 km) southeast to its confluence with the East Branch of the Pleasant River in Brownville.

The Appalachian Trail crosses the West Branch (45°28′44″N 69°17′19″W / 45.4790°N 69.28865°W / 45.4790; -69.28865 (Appalachian Trail x West Branch Pleasant River)) at The Hermitage Preserve in Bowdoin College Grant East (T.7 R.10 NWP). The Hermitage contains a roughly 35-acre (14 ha) grove — one of the few stands of old-growth Eastern White Pine remaining in New England. Just upstream from The Hermitage is Gulf Hagas (45°29′10″N 69°19′34″W / 45.486°N 69.326°W / 45.486; -69.326 (Gulf Hagas gorge)), a 2.5-mile-long (4.0 km) water-formed canyon. The river falls 500 feet (150 m) in the canyon, including multiple waterfalls. Gulf Hagas and The Hermitage are among the 14 National Natural Landmarks in Maine, designated in 1968 and 1979 respectively.[2][3]

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