Pemaquid River
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationMaine
 • elevation76 feet (23 m)
 • location
Johns Bay
 • coordinates
43°52′41″N 69°31′30″W / 43.878°N 69.525°W / 43.878; -69.525 (Pemaquid River)
 • elevation
sea level
Length11 miles (18 km)

The 19-mile Pemaquid River starts at Tobias Pond in Waldoboro and ends at Johns Bay, Bristol, Maine.

Distances from south to north:

The Pemaquid River watershed covers parts of six towns and is 46.9 square miles in size, of which 5.4 sq miles is water and 41.5 sq miles is land.

The Pemaquid River watershed includes the sub-watersheds that flow into the Pemaquid River or into Pemaquid Harbor (including Little Falls Brook, which flows into Pemaquid Harbor, and Beaver Dam Brook, which flows into Duckpuddle Pond). It also includes the coastline down to Pemaquid Point on Johns Bay on the west side of the peninsula. The Pemaquid River watershed boundary goes through the summits of Johnston Hill and Cordwood Hill on the east and Eugley Hill at the northern tip. The Pemaquid River watershed includes 11 ponds.

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