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Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
Created byVernon Chatman
John Lee
Michele Megan Dix
Jesse Ignjatovic
Developed bySnoop Dogg
Directed byJesse Ignjatovic
StarringSnoop Dogg (as the host)
The Snoopadelics
Don "Magic" Juan
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes8
Executive producersSnoop Dogg
Vernon Chatman
Tom Calderone
Running timeapprox. 30 minutes (per episode)
Production companiesThe MTV Music Group, PFFR
Original release
ReleaseNovember 25, 2002 (2002-11-25) –
August 3, 2003 (2003-08-03)

Doggy Fizzle Televizzle is a sketch comedy show that was produced by and starred rapper Snoop Dogg. It aired on MTV in 2002 until 2003.[1]

Snoop Dogg stated that according to the contract, the show was to air six times, but was later extended to eight episodes. The second season was canceled due to payment negotiation issues, since Snoop Dogg asked for $1 million for his role, which MTV refused to pay him.[2]

In the beginning of every show Snoop is seen sitting bored in a leather armchair in an empty room while switching channels from Jerry Springer to a cart race then to black and white burlesque figure skating after that to a strip show and finally to a Richard Marx music video when he decides to change the situation and the idea of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle comes to his mind. This ends the intro and the main theme follows with Snoop rapping.


Here are the episodes with the list of segments long enough to be notable.

Episode 1 - Pilot

Intro: MTV News about Snoop is challenging Lance Bass to a space race, when gets kidnapped by UFOs.

Special guest appearances by Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, Killer Mike, Big Boi, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
  1. Q1:Snoop, are you involved in any charities?
    • Snoop:Man of course, you know me, I'm involved in a very important charity all the time. You know, once a year I treat two ladies to a ten seconds shopping spree at a 99-cent store. Check this out! (illustrative shortfilm)
  2. Q2:Snoop, what do you think about police brutality?
    • Snoop:Police brutality isn't too horrible. I think the way police are treated is disgusting, sick. Man, if you have ever seen the latest incident that happened in Inglewood. Rodney King tape looked like a pillow fight, it wasn't that serious.(illustrative shortfilm where neighborhood people even kids are beating a police officer).
  3. Q3:Snoop, I know you're not a judge. But do you think R. Kelly is guilty?
    • Snoop:Man, you can trust what you can see on that tape. There's even a tape going around where people saying it's me. I swear it's not me on that tape for real. Besides she said she was 18. Judge for yourself. (illustrative shortfilm with a Snoop look-alike having sex with a grandma).

Episode 2

Episode 3

  1. Q1:Hey Snoop, are you recognized wherever you go?
    • Snoop:Oh yeah, that's why I have to wear disguise whenever I go out in public so I won't be bothered. Check it! (illustrative short film showing Snoop in the street in a crocodile costume).
  2. Q2:Hey Snoop! You're good with the ladies what can I do to keep my girl happy?
    • Snoop:It's real simple. All you gotta do is get her some nice every day. Like look at what I do (short movie with Snoop robbing a shop to get money for himself, candy and roses for his girls)
  3. Q3:Have you ever done any volunteer work?
    • Snoop:Actually I have. I recently joined this big brother program to show a kid what it's like to have a big brother.(illustration)
  4. Q4:I know you are not doing drugs any more. But I do wanna know what made you decide to quit?
    • Snoop:After what happened to me, I never even think about doing drugs.(the clip shows Snoop smoking weed and talking to a dollar)

Episode 4

Intro: Snoop reads a bedtime story from Big black Booty tales-book.

Episode 5

Snoop Dogg opens up the episode with a guest appearance by pro wrestler Triple H and him wrestling.

Snoop Dogg rehashes his life and choices through a series of humorous videos.

Snoop Dogg gives the audience Snoop Dogg bobbleheads.

Episode 8 - Best of

New sketches:


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