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PoweR Girls
StarringLizzie Grubman
Original release
Release2005 (2005)

PoweR Girls is a 2005 MTV reality TV series about press maven Lizzie Grubman mentoring a team of young hopeful publicists as they work their way in the world of celebrities, glamour and public relations to ultimately earn a permanent spot on Grubman's team (along with her respect).


The show took its name from a 1998 New York Magazine cover story written by Vanessa Grigoriadis about Grubman.[1] It followed Grubman and four young female assistants, Rachel Krupa, Ali Zweben, Kelly Brady, and Millie Monyo, doing the work of celebrity publicists in Manhattan: planning nightclub openings and album launches, mingling with celebrities and the press.[2] The four competed for a permanent role in Lizzie Grubman Public Relations, relying on a combination of their skills and sex appeal.[3] Grubman took the mentor role, paralleling Donald Trump in The Apprentice.[2][3]

The show also featured various other characters through events, parties and day-to-day office activities. One featured character was then intern Anthony Berklich who showed-up in two of the episodes.


The show debuted on MTV on March 10, 2005, to a poor response from critics.[4][5] Six episodes were produced in the first season. The season finale was April 14.[6]

As of October 2005, the New York Post reported that Grubman was said to be in talks with the various Viacom Networks to broadcast a second season of PoweR Girls, though nothing has been heard about it since.

After filming


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