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Games of gain-ground
French championship of Ballon au poing
2009 - Amiens
Team members2 per team - 7 per team
OlympicLongue paume was part of the Paris 1900 Summer Olympics
Real tennis in 1908

Gain-ground games are team sports which are played with a small ball or a balloon. They are often outdoors on a "ballodrome" but can also be played indoors.

Among these games, longue paume and real tennis are the most well-known because they are played with rackets. The rules change a little depending on the game, but the basic rules remain identical from one game to the other.[further explanation needed]

Games of gain-ground are characterized in particular by the use of "chasses". Chasses indicate the limit between both teams or in real tennis a limit to score a point. Points are counted as in tennis: 15, 30, 40 and set.

Games of gain-ground

The two chasses (red and blue)

Two games in Jeu de paume:

These sports are practised in Hauts-de-France and Belgium:

but also in Spain :

or in the world: