Granborough Road
Station site in 2015
Granborough Road is located in Buckinghamshire
Granborough Road
Granborough Road
Location of Granborough Road in Buckinghamshire
Local authorityBuckinghamshire
Grid referenceSP745242
Number of platforms2
Railway companies
Original companyAylesbury and Buckingham Railway
Pre-groupingMetropolitan and Great Central Joint Railway
Post-groupingMetropolitan and Great Central Joint Railway
Key dates
23 September 1868 (1868-09-23)Opened as Grandborough Road
6 October 1920Renamed Granborough Road
6 July 1936 (1936-07-06)Station closed
Other information
WGS8451°54′42″N 0°55′03″W / 51.9116°N 0.9176°W / 51.9116; -0.9176
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Granborough Road railway station (initially Grandborough Road) was a station serving the village of Granborough, to the north of Quainton in Buckinghamshire, England.[1]


The station was opened by the Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway (A&BR) on 23 September 1868[2][3][4] as part of its 12.75-mile (20.52-kilometre) route from Aylesbury to Verney Junction where it joined the Buckinghamshire Railway's Oxford to Bletchley line.[5][6][7] The line was single track and worked from the start by the Great Western Railway, which provided a service of three trains each way daily.[6][8] The A&BR, which had for some time been in a parlous financial state, was absorbed by the Metropolitan Railway with effect from 1 July 1891.[7][9][10][11] From 2 April 1906, all Metropolitan services north of Harrow South Junction to Verney Junction were run by the Metropolitan and Great Central Joint Railway; this continued until 6 July 1936 when the London Passenger Transport Board, which had taken over the Metropolitan in 1933, withdrew local passenger services as an economy measure.[12][10][9][13] Through services ceased entirely on 7 September 1947 and the route closed.[14][12][10][15]

Whilst open, this station was accessed via a branch line off the former Great Central Main Line with the junction being just to the north of Quainton Road. The branch line continued through Winslow Road and ended at a terminating platform at Verney Junction.

Today very little remains of this station, the permanent way between Quainton Road and Verney Junction having long ago been lifted. The site is now a farmer's field and although a bit of platform does remain, the track bed itself is now a route for pylons.

Despite being over 30 miles from London and not underground, the association with the Metropolitan line means this station is considered to be one of the closed London Underground stations. It is briefly referred to as such in the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall when Bond spots the name embedded in a cypher.[16]


A 1911 Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram showing railways in the vicinity of Granborough Road (upper left; shown as Grandborough Road)

Preceding station   Disused railways   Following station
Winslow Road   Metropolitan Railway
Verney Junction Branch
  Quainton Road


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