Upton Park London Underground
Main entrance on Green Street
Upton Park is located in Greater London
Upton Park
Upton Park
Location of Upton Park in Greater London
LocationUpton Park
Local authorityLondon Borough of Newham
Managed byLondon Underground
Number of platforms2
Fare zone3
London Underground annual entry and exit
2018Increase 9.68 million[1]
2019Increase 9.71 million[2]
2020Decrease 6.68 million[3]
2021Decrease 4.78 million[4]
2022Increase 7.69 million[5]
Key dates
1 September 1877Opened by LT&SR
1902District line started
15 June 1962London–Southend withdrawn
Other information
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Upton Park is a London Underground station on the District and Hammersmith and City lines, on Green Street in the Upton Park area of the London Borough of Newham, east London. It is in Zone 3.

The station was opened by the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway (LTSR) in 1877. District line service began in 1902, and the Hammersmith & City (at that time the Metropolitan line) followed in 1936. LTSR services were withdrawn in 1962. The station has two working platforms, one for each direction. Two other platforms used to serve the LTSR but are now disused.

Nowadays, the station serves Queens Road Market and Green Street.


Upton Park was the first station on the LT&SR to be built by a property developer.[6] Read was a developer who proposed the station and given approval designed and built a two platform station between the houses of Queen's Road and Harold Road. The station fronted Queen's Square on the corner of Green Street and Queen's Road opened in September 1877. The building was demolished in 1903/04 when the line was quadrupled and the present station was constructed.

Upton Park tube station appears in the English slang term, "He/She is Upton Park - two stops short of Barking", indicating that the individual in question is slightly mad.[7]


The service frequency is 15 services per hour on the District line and 6 services per hour on the Hammersmith & City line.

Preceding station London Underground Following station
towards Hammersmith
Hammersmith & City line East Ham
towards Barking
Plaistow District line
East Ham
towards Upminster
Former services
towards Hammersmith
Metropolitan line
Hammersmith branch (1936–1990)
East Ham
towards Barking
Historical railways
Plaistow   British Rail Eastern Region
London, Tilbury and Southend line
  East Ham


London Buses routes 58, 104, 330 and 376 serve the station.[8]


There are two ticket office windows, two touch screen ticket machines, and three of the more traditional coin-only button machines.

At present there are no lifts at the station for disabled access, nor are there plans to install any.




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