Helium-weak stars are chemically peculiar stars which have a weak helium lines for their spectral type.[1][2] Their helium lines place them in a later (i.e. cooler) spectral type then their hydrogen lines.[3]

List of helium-weak stars

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This is a non-extensive list of helium-weak stars.[4][5]

Caption text
Star Name Constellation Apparent Magnitude (mv) Class Notes
20 Eridani (EG Eridani) Eridanus 5.23 B8/9 III α2 CVn variable
30 Capricorni Capricornus 5.38 B5 II/III
θ Hydri Hydrus 5.50 B8 III/IV Suspected Binary;
22 Eridani (FY Eridani) Eridanus 5.53 B9 IIIpSi (4200) α2 CVn variable
HD 74196 Vela 5.61 B7 Vn Part of IC 2391
HD 28843 (DZ Eridani) Eridanus 5.81 B9 III SX Arietis variable
12 Canis Majoris (HK Canis Majoris) Canis Major 6.08 B7 II/III SX Arietis variable
HD 34797 (TX Leporis) Lepus 6.54 B7 Vp α2 CVn variable; binary
HD 35456 Orion 6.95 B9 II/III Binary

Helium-strong star

A related class of stars have anomalously strong helium lines in their spectra, and are known as helium-strong stars.[1]

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