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This is a list of coolest stars discovered, arranged by decreasing temperature. The stars with temperatures lower than 2,000 K are included.


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Star name Temperature


Spectral type Distance (light years) Notes
WISE J0855-0714 225–260[1] Y4 7.27±0.13
WISE 1828+2650 250-400 >Y2 46.6
WISE 1405+5534 350[2] Y0[2][3] 20.6
CFBDSIR 1458+10B 370 Y0 104
WISE 1828+2650 406[4] Y2V[5] 32.5
WISE 1217+1626 B 450 Y0-0.5 33
WISE 1217+1626 A 575 T8.5-9 33
UGPS J0521+3640 600–650 T8.5 26.7
2MASS 0939-2448 A/B 650[6] T8 17.4±0.4
2MASS 0415-0935 764 T8V 18.6±0.2
2M 1237+6526 850[7] T6.5 46
2MASS J0348−6022 880 T7[8] 27.2
SCR 1845-6357B 950 T6 13.050±0.008
Epsilon Indi Bb 993 T6 12.05
2MASS 0243-2453 1,050 T6 35±1
Cha 110913-773444 1,350 M9.5 529
Epsilon Indi Ba 1,353 T1-1.5 12.05
2MASS 0036+1821 1,650 L3.5 28.51±0.05
2MASS 1507-1627 1,650 L5 24.12±0.06
OTS 44 1,700 M9.5 554
GD 165 B 1,755[9] L4[10] 109
S Cassiopeiae 1,800 S3,4–S5,8 3,100±300
V384 Persei 1,820[11] N
DENIS-P J1058.7−1548 1,850[12] L3 49
T Draconis 1,850[11] C6,2e
V346 Puppis 1,875[11] C
S Aurigae 1,940[11] C-N5+
V1426 Cygni 1,975[11] C7,2e

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This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (December 2016)