The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Established1962; 62 years ago (1962)
DirectorV. Ravindran
Location, ,

12°59′39″N 80°14′49″E / 12.994219°N 80.247075°E / 12.994219; 80.247075

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) (sometimes also referred to as Matscience) is a research centre located in Chennai, India.[1][2] It is a constituent institute of the Homi Bhabha National Institute.[3]

IMSc is a national institute for fundamental research in frontier disciplines of the mathematical and physical sciences: theoretical computer science, mathematics, theoretical physics, and computational biology. It is funded mainly by the Department of Atomic Energy.[4] The institute operates the Kabru supercomputer.[5]


The institute was founded by Alladi Ramakrishnan in 1962 in Chennai.[6] It is modelled after the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, United States. It went through a phase of expansion when E. C. G. Sudarshan in the 1980s and R. Ramachandran in 1990s were the directors. The current director of the institute is V.Ravindran.[7]


The institute has a graduate research program to which a group of students are admitted each year to work towards a Ph.D. degree. IMSc hosts scientists at the post-doctoral level and supports a visiting scientist program in areas of research in the institute.[1]


Main Building, Taramani, campus

Located in South Chennai, in the Adyar-Taramani area, the institute is on the Central Institutes of Technology (CIT) campus.[7] The institute maintains a student hostel, flatlets for long-term visitors, married students and post-doctoral fellows, and the institute guest house.[7] IMSc has its own faculty housing in Tiruvanmiyur near the seashore.[7]

Notable people


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