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Kirti Chakra
Kirti Chakra

Kirti Chakra and its ribbon, the second highest peacetime decoration of India
Awarded forAwarded for conspicuous gallantry otherwise than in the face of the enemy.[1]
CountryIndia India
Presented byIndia President of India
  • Officers, men and women of all ranks of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, of any of the Reserve Forces, of the Territorial Army, Militia and of any other lawfully constituted forces.
  • Members of the Nursing Services of the Armed Forces.
  • Civilian Citizens of either sex in all walks of life and members of Police Forces including Central Para-Military Forces and Railway protection Force.[2]
StatusCurrently Awarded
Established1952; 72 years ago (1952)
First awarded1952
Last awarded2019[3]
Total awarded posthumously198
Total recipients486 (As of 2023)[4]
Next (higher) Param Vishisht Seva Medal[5]
Equivalent Maha Vir Chakra[5]
Next (lower) Padma Shri[5]

The Kirti Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the field of battle. It may be awarded to civilians as well as military personnel, including posthumous awards. It is the peacetime equivalent of the Maha Vir Chakra. It is second in order of precedence of peacetime gallantry awards, comes after Ashoka Chakra and before Shaurya Chakra. Before 1967, the award was known as the Ashoka Chakra, Class II.


Established as the "Ashoka Chakra, Class II" by the President of India, 4 January 1952 (with effect from 15 August 1947). The statutes were revised and the decoration renamed on 27 January 1967.

To understand the award better, a sample recipient would be No. 18161 Naik Mukhtiar Singh, 4 J. & K. Infantry (to date from 19 March 1956).

"On the night of 18/19 March 1956, the position occupied by our troops on the Bela at Hussainiwala Headworks, near Ferozepore on the Indo-Pakistani Border was attacked. Approximately one platoon of attackers managed to secure a foothold on the Bela from the left flank. On being ordered by his platoon commander to take his section to the threatened flank and stem the advance, No. 18161 Naik Mukhtiar Singh personally led his section through heavy automatic fire. He inflicted two casualties on the attackers, captured their rifles and led his section up to the right Guide Bund and secured his objective. Whilst his section was securing the objective on the Bund, a hand grenade landed near him in the midst of his section. To save his section, he lifted the grenade with his left hand and tried to throw it back on the attackers. The grenade exploded in the meantime and his left elbow was blown off. Though seriously wounded he continued to exhort his men to fight on and refused to be evacuated. No. 18161 Naik Mukhtiar Singh by his high example of personal leadership, courage and complete disregard for his personal safety averted a disaster to his section and to the Bela Position."[6]



Personnel Eligible: The following categories of personnel shall be eligible for the Chakra :-

Conditions of Eligibility: The medal is awarded for conspicuous gallantry otherwise than in the face of the enemy. The decoration may be awarded posthumously. Monetary Allowance. Rs. 1050/- pm and each bar to the decoration will carry the same amount of monetary allowance as admissible to the original award with effect from 01.02.1999.


See also: List of Kirti Chakra award recipients

Year Rank Name Regiment Notes
2021 Constable Vinod Kumar CRPF Posthumous
Constable Altaf Hussain Bhat Jammu and Kashmir Police Posthumous
Head Constable Shyam Narain Singh Yadava CRPF Posthumous
Inspector Pintu Kumar Singh CRPF Posthumous
Deputy Commandant Rahul Mathur CRPF
Subedar Sanjeev Kumar 4 Para (SF) Posthumous
2020 Head Constable Abdul Rashid Kalas Jammu and Kashmir Police Posthumous
2019 Constable Pradip Kumar Panda CRPF Posthumous
Constable Rajendra Kumar Nain CRPF Posthumous
Deputy Commandant Harshpal Singh CRPF
Sapper Prakash Jadhav Indian Army Posthumous
Sawar Vijay Kumar ARMD / 22 RR Posthumous
Major Tushar Gauba Jat Regiment
2018 Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh Rajput / 44 RR Posthumous
Major Vijayant Bisht Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry
2017 Commandant Chetan Kumar Cheeta CRPF
Commandant Pramod Kumar CRPF Posthumous
Lance Havildar Prem Bahadur Resmi Magar 3/1 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous[7]
Havildar Giris Gurung Posthumous
Major Rohit Suri 4 Para (SF) [7]
Major David Manlun THE NAGA REGIMENT, 164 INF BN (TA) (HOME & HEARTH) NAGA Posthumous[8][9]
Major Preetam Singh Kunwar Garhwal Rifles
2016 Head Constable Rajesh Atra Chhattisgarh Police
Constable Gautam Koch Assam Police Posthumous
Sepoy Jagdish Chand Defence Security Corps Posthumous
Subedar Mahendra Singh, SM 9 Para (SF)
2015 Naib Subedar Rajesh Kumar Mahar Regiment Posthumous
Lieutenant Colonel Nectar Sanjenbam, SC 21 Para (SF)
Naib Subedar Kosh Bahadur Gurung 1 Gorkha Rifles
Subedar Ajay Vardhan Garhwal Rifles Posthumous
Captain Jaidev Dangi 10 Para (SF) [10]
2014 Constable Bhrigu Nandan Choudhary CRPF Posthumous
Naib Subedar Bhupal Singh Chhantel Magar 5 Gorkha Rifles
Wing Commander Darryl Castelino Indian Air Force Posthumous[11]
2013 Inspector Lohit Sonowal Assam Police Posthumous
Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy Indian Navy
Major Mahesh Kumar, SM Punjab Regiment
Major Anup Joseph Manjali Bihar Regiment
2012 Lieutenant Sushil Khajuria Army Service Corps Posthumous
Captain Ashutosh Kumar Rajputana Rifles
Lieutenant Colonel Kamaldeep Singh Rajputana Rifles
2011 Naik Rajinder Singh Rajputana Rifles
Lieutenant Vikas Sharma Parachute Regiment
Lieutenant Vikram Ajit Deshmukh Madras Regiment
Major Rahul Gurung The Corps of Engineers
Captain Deepak Sharma The Corps of Signals Posthumous
2010 Kumari Rukhsana Kosser Indian Civilian
Shri Ajaz Ahmed Indian Civilian
Shri Bhopal Singh SSB Posthumous
Constable Rel Deo Sangma Meghalaya Police Posthumous
Superintendent of Police Vinod Kumar Choubey Indian Police Service Posthumous[12]
Captain Davinder Singh Jass 1 Para (SF) Posthumous
Major Suresh Suri Kumaon Regiment Posthumous
Major Pushpendar Singh Rajputana Rifles
2009 Paratrooper Shabir Ahmad Malik Para SF Posthumous
Major Deepak Tewari EME
Major Amit Oscar Fernandes Maratha Light Infantry
Naik Rishikesh Gurjar Rajput Regiment
Sapper V. Sathish The Corps of Engineers
Naik Tape Yajo Assam Rifles
Havildar Rale Santosh Tanaji Maratha Light Infantry
Subedar Indra Bahadur Pun Para SF
Captain Paras Limboo Assam Rifles
Captain Zala Ajitkumar Arshibhai Para SF
Lieutenant Colonel Osiris Das Kumaon Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Saurabh Singh Shekhawat Para SF [13]
2008 Constable Roop Singh ITBP Posthumous
Constable Ajay Singh Pathania ITBP Posthumous
Shri V. Venkateswara Rao Indian Foreign Service Posthumous
Captain Sunil Kumar Choudhary, SM 11 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
Major Rajinder Kumar Sharma, SC Grenadiers
Major Sushil Kumar Singh Bihar Regiment
Major Nungleppam Buddhimanta Singh, SM Rajput Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Manish Shashikant Kadam Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Brigadier Ravi Datt Mehta Intelligence Posthumous
Sepoy Suresh Jat Regiment Posthumous
Major Subhash Chand Punia Para SF
Major Kumandur Prabhakar Vinay Artillery Posthumous
Major Shatrujeet Kotwal Jat Regiment
2007 Sub Inspector Dhirendra Nath Pratap Singh CISF Posthumous
Shri Dyanand Pandey Bashkari Sub Post Office Posthumous
Shri Tarun Kumar Dutta Intelligence Officer Posthumous
Shri Mohd. Shan Ahmed Jhansi Head Post Office Posthumous
Naik Radhakrishnan C Madras Regiment Posthumous
Captain Abhinav Handa Maratha Light Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel Pankaj Kumar 11 Gorkha Rifles
Havildar Manjit Singh Sikh Regiment
Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Posthumous
Captain Vishal Bhandral Garhwal Rifles Posthumous
Major Manish Hiraji Pitambare Para SF Posthumous
Colonel Gurbir Singh Sarna Grenadiers Posthumous
2006 Fireman Vijay Pal Singh Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Posthumous
Bank Guard Rugha Ram Punjab and Sindh Bank Posthumous
Sub Inspector Sanjeev Andaman and Nicobar Police Posthumous
Major James Thomas Sikh Light Infantry Posthumous
Subedar Jagat Bahadur Ghale 5 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
2005 Captain Sajjan Singh Malik 10 Para (SF) Posthumous
Wing Commander Balakrishna Pillai Sreebhavan Krishna Kumar Indian Air Force
Wing Commander Sudhir Kumar Sharma Indian Air Force
2004 Second In Command Narindra Nath Dhar Dubey Border Security Force
Constable C. Stanly Border Security Force Posthumous
Lieutenant Dheerendra Singh Atri Army Service Corps Posthumous
Lieutenant Kanavdeep Singh Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Major Ajay Kothiyal Garhwal Rifles [14]
2003 Sub Inspector Ravi Jee Fotedar Jammu and Kashmir Police Posthumous
Commandant Virendra Prasad Purohit Border Security Force Posthumous
Rifleman Surjan Singh Bhandari National Security Guards Posthumous
Grenadier Anil Kumar The Grenadiers Posthumous
Sepoy Sarwan Kumar Dhukiya Infantry Posthumous
Lance Naik Sohanvir Infantry Posthumous
Subedar Dil Bahadur Thapa Infantry
Captain Dilip Kumar Jha Infantry Posthumous
Major Inderjeet Singh Babbar Artillery Posthumous
Naik Tarlok Singh Mahar Regiment
Havildar Rudal Prasad Bihar Regiment Posthumous
2002 Head Constable Bijender Singh Delhi Police Posthumous
Head Constable Ghan Shyam Delhi Police Posthumous
Head Constable Om Prakash Delhi Police
Assistant Sub Inspector Ram Pal Delhi Police Posthumous
Assistant Sub Inspector Nanak Chand Delhi Police Posthumous
Naib Subedar Dev Bahadur Thapa 4 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
Naib Subedar Ishwar Singh Parachute Regiment
Major Ushnisha Jaitly 11 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
Lance Havildar Jora Singh Sikh Light Infantry Posthumous
Havildar Lashkar Singh Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Major Avinash Singh Bhadauria Madras Regiment Posthumous[15]
Major Subhash Chand Rana Sikh Regiment
2001 Captain Pankaj Dhyani Dogra Regiment
Lieutenant Mayekar Narendra Atmaram EME Posthumous
Lieutenant Ravinder Chhikara The Grenadiers Posthumous
Captain R Subramanian Para SF Posthumous
Major Pradeep R Tathawade Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Posthumous
Corporal Akhilesh Kumar Mishra Indian Air Force
Wing Commander Rajiv Kothiyal Indian Air Force
2000 Captain Amit Semwal Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Major Deepak Mehra 5 Gorkha Rifles
Lance Naik Ram Chander Bhatt 9 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
Subedar Daljit Singh Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Major Shushil Aima AD Artillery Posthumous
Major Joginder Singh Tanwar 3 Gorkha Rifles
1999 Sepoy Balbir Singh Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Naik Tikaram Thapa Assam Rifles Posthumous
Naik Narayan Das Assam Rifles Posthumous
Havildar Raksh Paul Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Naib Subedar Jagroop Singh Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Major Raman Dada Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Sepoy Sanjeev Singh Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Naik Gee Varghese KD Assam Rifles Posthumous
Havildar Badri Lal Lunawat Parachute Regiment
1998 Shri Balai Chandra Maity Indian Civilian Posthumous
Naik Vishwa Kerketta Bihar Regiment Posthumous
Naik Gopal Singh Kumaon Regiment Posthumous
Captain Anil Kumar Dogra Regiment
Major Ashok Kumar Sahrawat Sikh Light Infantry Posthumous
Major Padmanabhan Srikumar AD Artillery Posthumous
Major Braj Kishore Sharma Artillery Posthumous
Major Sukhwinder Jeet Singh Randhawa Artillery Posthumous
1997 Rifleman Sanjay Sahi Garhwal Rifles Posthumous
Sepoy Daya Shankar Mechanized Infantry Posthumous
Major Krishna Murthy Balasubramaniam Artillery Posthumous
1996 Shri Poojari Manikyam Sarpanch Posthumous
Naik Bhim Singh Pioneer Posthumous
Lieutenant Colonel Sunil Kumar Razdan Parachute Regiment
1995 Lance Naik Mahaveer Singh Rajput Rajput Regiment Posthumous
Lance Havildar Nek Singh, SC Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Posthumous
Havildar Dhanaraj Muthappan Madras Regiment
Subedar Hem Bahadur Thapa Assam Rifles Posthumous
Captain Devashish Sharma Army Medical Corps Posthumous
Captain Arjun Singh Guleria Artillery
Havildar Shiv Narayan Singh Rajput Regiment Posthumous
Company Havildar Major Jagtap Shivaji Balu Maratha Light Infantry Posthumous
Second Lieutenant Rishi Ashok Malhotra Maratha Light Infantry Posthumous
1994 Shri Ugrasen Sahoo School Teacher Posthumous
Havildar Madan Sarup Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Sepoy Satnam Singh Sikh Light Infantry Posthumous
Sepoy Gurtej Singh Gill Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Sepoy Ram Swaroop Gujar Rajput Regiment Posthumous
Lance Naik Jagjit Singh Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Naik Nawab Singh Tomar Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Naik Kannalan Kennady V Madras Regiment Posthumous
Naib Subedar Baldev Raj Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Posthumous
Subedar Rewal Singh Jammu and Kashmir Rifles
1993 Srimati Nirmal Kanta School Principal
Sepoy Gouri Shanker Sah Bihar Regiment Posthumous
Major Ivan Joseph Crasto 1 Para (SF)
1992 Shri Pandillapalli Srinivas Indian Forest Service Posthumous
Sepoy Swaran Singh Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Naik Hari Singh Rajputana Rifles Posthumous
Naib Subedar Padam Bahadur Chhatri Assam Rifles
Subedar Nopa Ram Jat Regiment Posthumous
Major Mohinder Singh Pathania Punjab Regiment
Colonel Inderjit Singh, VSM Infantry
Flight Lieutenant Mysore Krishnaswamy Ramaprasad Indian Air Force
1991 Civil Engineer Raj Pal Singh Rana Border Road Organisation
Lance Naik Charan Singh Punjab Regiment
Naik Bansode YM Parashute Regiment Posthumous
Naik Parkash Chand The Grenadiers Posthumous
Captain Rakesh Rana Bihar Regiment
Major Anurag Nauriyal Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
1990 OEM G Pillai Border Road Organisation Posthumous
OEM Abhimanu Border Road Organisation
OEM Kanshi Ram Border Road Organisation Posthumous
CH/Man GB Patnaik Border Road Organisation Posthumous
Kedarnath Indian Civilian
1989 Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma Indian Civilian Posthumous
OEM Satey Singh Border Road Organisation
SPR/OEM Ajmer Ali Border Road Organisation Posthumous
Guest House Manager Shakti Sinh Samantdinh Visana Gujrat Forest Service Posthumous
Jashoda Pal IndianCivilian
Range Forest Officer Arvind D Hegde Karnataka Forest Service Posthumous
Shri Ajit Kumar Doval Indian Police Service
Shri Phu Dorjee Mountaineer Posthumous
Havildar Prem Nath Rai EME Posthumous
ALD Krishan Dev Kushwah Armoured Corps Posthumous
Wing Commander Daljit Singh Minhas Indian Air Force Posthumous
1988 Naib Subedar PG Ram Gopal Border Road Organisation
DME Naresh Kumar Border Road Organisation Posthumous
OEM Harjinder Singh Road Maintenance Platoon
Shri Shiv Kumar Yadav Civil Engineer Posthumous
Bank Guard Harak Singh Karam Singh Union Bank of India Posthumous
Daftary Hasmukh Badriprasad Shah Bank of India
Peon Rajinder Singh Panwar Bank of Baroda
Naib Subedar Chander Singh Assam Rifles Posthumous
Havildar Shivaji Krishna Patil The Corps of Engineers Posthumous
Wing Commander Maheshwar Dutt Indian Air Force
1987 Manager Y Sreehari Sarma Andhra Bank Posthumous
Manager Ghulam Nabi Magrey Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited Posthumous
Shri Ajay Kumar Klair Indian Civilian Posthumous
Brigadier Manohar Lal Garg, AVSM (Retd.) Indian Civilian
Subedar Ram Das (Retd.) Indian Civilian
Second Lieutenant Pradipta Narayan Mohapatra Sikh Light Infantry
Major Ashok Kumar Singh, SM The Corps of Engineers
Major Mahavir Singh Balhara, SM Bihar Regiment
Squadron Leader Pradeep Sharma Indian Air Force
1986 Shri Bundu Khan Indian Civilian Posthumous
Rifleman Gopal Chand Assam Rifles Posthumous
Havildar Indra Bahadur Gurung Artillery
Major Jai Bahuguna, SM, VSM The Corps of Engineers Posthumous
1985 BR-II RN Guleria Border Road Organisation Posthumous
Col Karni Singh Rathore Rajputana Rifles
Shri Bachan Singh Sadhrao Border Road Organisation
Caretaker Jai Ram Aligarh Head Post Office Posthumous
Shri RB Kulkarni Civil Engineer
Captain Anoop Kumar Chandhok Jammu and Kashmir Rifles
Lieutenant Colonel Satya Swaroop Sharma The Corps of Engineers
Paratrooper Jagpal Singh Parachute Regiment
Havildar Varghese Mathew Madras Regiment
Havildar Chander Pal Thakar Dogra Regiment Posthumous
Havildar Sarwan Singh Brigade of the Guards Posthumous
Naib Subedar K George Koshy Madras Regiment Posthumous
Subedar Mahavir Singh Yadav Parachute Regiment Posthumous
Subedar Karuppan Palath Raman Ravi Madras Regiment Posthumous
Captain Anil Malhotra Kumaon Regiment
Captain Vinod Kumar Naik Garhwal Rifles
Captain Hardev Singh Mechaniseed Infantry
Major Hitesh Kumar Palta Kumaon Regiment Posthumous
Lieutenant Colonel Israr Rahim Khan Brigade of the Guards
Wing Commander Ravish Malhotra Indian Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel Tejindar Singh Garhwal Rifles
1984 Shri Arvinder Pal Singh Indian Civilian
Deputy Conservator of Forest Ashok Kumar Sharma Indian Forest Service
Shri Suresh Kumar Indian Civilian Posthumous
Shri Mohammed Yakub Ali Teacher Posthumous
Lance Naik Ramesh Singh Kumaon Regiment Posthumous
Major Ajay Nath Bahuguna Jammu and Kashmir Rifles
Sepoy Umesh Chandra Kumaon Regiment Posthumous
Rifleman Sripal Chand Garhwal Rifles
Naik Ram Bahadur Chhetri Assam Rifles Posthumous
Naik Tek Bahadur Thapa Assam Rifles Posthumous
Captain Karni Singh Rathore Rajputana Rifles
Major Neelakantan Jayachandran Nair Maratha Light Infantry
Squadron Leader Hari Nath Chaturvedi VM Indian Air Force
1983 Shri Surinder Singh Indian Civilian
Brigadier Som Parkash Jhingon Infantry
Squadron Leader Visvanathan Nagarajan Indian Air Force
1982 BR-II AK Maji Border Road Organisation Posthumous
Shri Hara Lal Sil Indian Civilian Posthumous
Naib Subedar Umaid Singh Rajputana Rifles
Captain Ajit Singh Bihar Regiment
Naik Megh Raj Singh Rajputana Rifles Posthumous
Havildar Amar Singh Rajputana Rifles Posthumous
Granadier Gopal Singh The Granadiers Posthumous
Granadier Bajrang Singh The Granadiers Posthumous
Lance Naik Ravi Singh Jammu and Kashmir Rifles
Major Ram Singh Saharan Jat Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel Rama Prasad Sinh Jammu and Kashmir Rifles
Colonel Narinder Kumar, PVSM, AVSM Kumaon Regiment
Flight Lieutenant Sankara Iyer Chandrasekhar Indian Air Force
1981 Shri S Bhaga Panickar Mechanical Engineer
Pioneer Ram Adhir GREF
Shri Tsangu Khemnungan Village Guards Posthumous
Havildar Pukhu Khemnungan Village Guards
Shri Sanjay Chopra Indian Civilian Posthumous
Kumari Geeta Chopra Indian Civilian Posthumous
Rifleman Parshotam Dass Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Posthumous
Flight Lieutenant Anil Kumar Mathur India Air Force
1980 Major Sukhdev Singh Punjab Regiment Posthumous
1979 Sub Overseer Ram Dulare Lal General Reserve Engineer Force Posthumous
Shri Nathan Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Kayum Khan Bus Driver
Kumari K Bina Indian Civilian
Naik Pratap Singh Intelligence Posthumous
Subedar Bakhtawar Singh Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Group Captain Denzil Keelor Indian Air Force
1978 Shri Kanwar Lal Sareen Pipeline Engineer
Shri Kurpati Indian Civilian
Squadron Leader Deepak Yadav Indian Air Force Posthumous
Sepoy Dhan Singh Army Medical Corps Posthumous
Signalman Rama Rao Dattatarya Deshmukh Signals Posthumous
Lance Naik Hoshiar Singh Rajputana Rifles Posthumous
Naik Nima Dorjee Sherpa 3 Gorkha Rifles
Naik Ajit Singh The Corps of Engineer Posthumous
Major Prem Chand, VSM Dogra Regiment
1976 Shri Mulaoo Rawat Indian Civilian Posthumous
Lance Naik Attar Singh Artillery Posthumous
Company Havildar Major Susai Pilleei Micheal Madras Regiment Posthumous
1975 Shri Swarn Singh Boparai Indian Civilian
Havildar Jogendra Singh Sen, VrC 9 Gorkha Rifles
Naib Subedar Kalyan Singh Assam Rifles
Commandant Zuheto Swu Border Security Force
1974 Petty Officer TAS-1 Gur Iqbal Singh Indian Navy Posthumous
1973 Shri Pati Ram Indian Civilian
Shri ShriKrishna Kirar Indian Civilian
Shri Pritam Kirar Indian Civilian
Shri Hazari Indian Civilian
Major Mohinder Singh Kadyan Jat Regiment
Naib Subedar Daya Nand Jat Regiment
Captain Harpal Singh Ahluwalia Jat Regiment Posthumous
Naik Mohammad Dar PNR
1972 Shri MN Singh Civil Engineer
Shri Suresh Dwarka Nath Gavaskar Indian Civilian
Shri PV Puranik Civil Engineer
Shri Mahendra Narain Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Hanumant Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Rabindra Nath Gupta Foreman
Shri Daula Chowkidar
Major Shachindra Kumar Sharma The Corps of Engineers
Flight Sergeant Moj Parkash Puri Indian Air Force
Flight Lieutenant Kuldeep Kumar Sharma Indian Air Force
1971 Captain Ransher Singh Ranawat Brigade of the Guards
Naik Jagbir Singh Rajput Regiment Posthumous
Shri Vila Pralie Angami, SC Posthumous
1970 Shri Sham Sunder Indian Civilian
Shri Suraj Indian Civilian
Shri Natthe Indian Civilian
Shri Kalloo Indian Civilian
Shri Gopi Indian Civilian
1969 Shri Vishwanath Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Mahadev Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Kashiram Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Babu Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Ajab Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Ram Nath Indian Civilian
Shri Ram Bharose Indian Civilian
Naik Tek Bahadur Chhetri Assam Rifles
Subedar Dhian Singh Sikh Regiment
Captain Dinesh Prasad Mathur The Brigade of the Guards
PNR Mool Singh Pioneer Posthumous
Sepoy Gorakh Nath Singh Bihar Regiment Posthumous
Lance Naik Jitendra Biswas Army Service Corps
Captain Sreeram Raju Kosuri Assam Rifles
1968 Shri Bishal Singh Indian Civilian Posthumous
Subedar Chalhnuna Lushai Assam Rifles
Captain Allah Noor Kathat Assam Rifles Posthumous
Corporal Sukumar Ghosh Indian Air Force
1966 Shri Tilak Raj Khanna Indian Civilian
Shri Satish Sood Indian Civilian
Shri Preet Pal Singh Indian Civilian
Shri Arun Khanna Indian Civilian
Shri Kirpal Singh Dhingra Indian Civilian
Shri Jia Lal Gupta Electrical Engineer
Shri Partapa Indian Railways
Squadron Leader Vishwanath Balkrishna Sawardekar Indian Air Force
1965 Shri Patric Edward Crizzle Indian Railways Posthumous
Subedar Zhevishe Sema Village Guard
Shri Angami Indian Civilian
1964 Shri Samiran Kumar Roy India Steamship Posthumous
Shri Alan Fredrick Richtor India Steamship
Shri Abdul Razakali India Steamship Posthumous
Shri Haran Chandra Misra India Steamship Posthumous
Shri Medandra Krishna Kumar India Steamship Posthumous
Shri Sureshwar Datta India Steamship Posthumous
Shri Razo Sopu Angami Village Gusrd
Major Dwarka Nath Kanwarpal Assam Rifles
Lance Naik Karna Bahadur Gurung Assam Rifles
Naik Karna Bahadur Rai Assam Rifles Posthumous
Second Lieutenant Preminder Singh The Corps of Engineers Posthumous
1963 Shri Allika Venkata Rao Indian Railways Posthumous
Naik Ranjit Singh Dogra Regiment Posthumous
1962 Flight Lieutenant Jagannath Vijayaraghavan Indian Air Force Posthumous
Flight Lieutenant Karan Sher Singh Kalsia Indian Air Force Posthumous
Flight Lieutenant Madhusudan Ray Indian Air Force Posthumous
Flying Officer Vaidyanathan Ganesan Indian Air Force Posthumous
Flight Lieutenant Balkrishan Desoares Indian Air Force
Flight Lieutenant Raj Kumar Mehta Indian Air Force Posthumous
Ordinary Seaman Bechan Singh Indian Navy Posthumous
Senior Commissioned Gunner Noel Kelman Indian Navy
Ordinary Seaman VijendraI Pal Singh Tomar Indian Navy Posthumous
Rifleman Bir Singh Negi Garhwal Rifles
1961 Shri Imti Mayang Village Guards
Shri Percival Douglas Carroll Indian Railways Posthumous
Squadron Leader Ayappan Sudhakaran Indian Air Force Posthumous
Rifleman Hans Raj Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Posthumous
Major Parayil Bhaskaran Madras Regiment
1960 Subedar Pfudilhu Angami Village Guards
Captain Sampuran Singh Grewal Indian Airlines
Lieutenant Colonel Jamshed Bhurjorji Dorabji Assam Rifles
Sepoy Chuhar Singh Sikh Light Infantry
Subedar Sat Lal Pun 8 Gorkha Rifles
Second Lieutenant Raj Mohan Sharma Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry
1959 Sepoy Ayomo Lotha Village Guard
Shri Makhimong Indian Civilian
Squadron Leader Reginald Azariah Rufus Indian Air Force
Rifleman Jut Bahadur Thapa 8 Gorkha Rifles Posthumous
Rifleman Madho Singh Negi Garhwal Rifles Posthumous
Naik Lal Singh Rajput Regiment
Captain Graman Kastrurirangam Krishna Iyengar The Corps of Engineers
Captain Harbans Singh Assam Rifles
Rifleman Bhim Bahadur Khattri 9 Gorkha Rifles
Rifleman Jaman Singh Gusain Garhwal Rifles
Major Danchand Singh Pratap 3 Gorkha Rifles
1958 Wing Commander Nedyam Bhaskar Menon Indian Airforce [16]
Wing Commander Edul Jahangir Dhatigara Indian Air Force
Rifleman Dan Singh Pun 3 Gorkha Rifles
Rifleman Tara Prasad Gurung 3 Gorkha Rifles
Rifleman Jailal Adhikari 9 Gorkha Rifles
Sepoy Suraj Singh Rajput Regiment
Sepoy Ram Deva Rajput Regiment Posthumous
Lance Naik Ran Bahadur Gurung 5 Gorkha Rifles
Naik Karnail Singh Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Subedar Sohan Singh Punjab Regiment Posthumous
Lieutenant Colonel Jaswant Singh Rajput Regiment
1957 Shri Manasser Johannes Indian Railways Posthumous
CFN Jaikaran EME
Lance Naik Pandit Mane Maratha Light Infantry
Major Amar Sen Assam Rifles
Major Inder Singh Rawat Assam Rifles
Major Denzil Herbert D'Cruz Assam Rifles
Sepoy Mohinder Singh Sikh Light Infantry
Sepoy Parmal Singh Rajput Regiment Posthumous
Jemadar Kulwant Singh Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Subedar Nasib Singh Sikh Light Infantry
Captain Mehta Singh Sikh Light Infantry Posthumous
Naik Mukhtar Singh Jammu and Kashmir Rifles
Sepoy Babu Lal Rajput Regiment Posthumous
1956 Jemadar Sheopujan Singh Bihar Regiment
Jemadar Sham Bahadur Singh Bihar Regiment Posthumous
1955 Flight Attendant Glori Berry Air India Posthumous
Havildar A Somiah EME
1954 Major General Shankarrao Pandurung Patil Thorat Indian Army
1953 Flight Lieutenant Raizada Harbans Chawdhry Indian Air Force
1952 Shri B.B.L. Datt Indian Civilian
Flight Sergeant O. Sundaressiya Indian Air Force
Sergeant Dev Raj Singh Indian Air Force
Sergeant Ram Chandra Dua Indian Air Force
Flight Lieutenant Ulrich Anthony D'Cruz Indian Air Force
Sowar Prithi Singh Armoured Corps (3rd Cavalry) [17]
Major Gurcharan Singh Artillery (26 Light A.A. Regiment) [17]
Sepoy Daryao The Grenadiers
Sepoy Sewa Singh Sikh Regiment
Naik Hardial Singh Sikh Regiment Posthumous
Havildar Amar Singh Punjab Regiment
Captain Joginder Singh Gharaya Bihar Regiment




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