Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary
Location of Koderma Wildlife Sactuary in Jharkhand
Map showing the location of Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary
Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary (India)
LocationKoderma district, Jharkhand, India
Coordinates24°32′29″N 85°34′34″E / 24.541328°N 85.576184°E / 24.541328; 85.576184
Area150.62 square kilometres (58.15 sq mi)

Koderma Wildlife Sactuary is located in the northern part of Koderma (community development block) in the Koderma subdivision of the Koderma district in the state of Jharkhand, India.


Cities, towns and locations in Koderma district in North Chotanagpur Division
M: municipality, CT: census town, R: rural/ urban centre, D: dam, P: power plant, T: tourist centre
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Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary is located around 24°32′29″N 85°34′34″E / 24.541328°N 85.576184°E / 24.541328; 85.576184 and is close to the Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary in the Gaya district of Bihar. It is spread over an area of 150.62 square kilometres (58.15 sq mi).[1]

Note: The map alongside presents some of the notable locations in the district. All places marked in the map are linked in the larger full screen map.

The sanctuary

Koderma Forest Division has 15062.77 hectare as a reserved forest. “The reserved forest area of Koderma district is declared as wild life sanctuary and is under administrative control of wild life division Hazaribagh”. The principal trees in the forests are: Sal, Bija, Gamhar, Khair, Palash, Salai, Semal, Bair, Arjun, Karam, Siris, Kaj, Kend, Mahulan, Mahua, Karanj, Ratti etc[2]

Koderma wildlife sanctuary comprisesof hilly ranges of dry deciduous forests and has plenty of rivulets. The wild life includes tiger, leopard, sloth bear, sambhar, cheetal, barking deer, nilgai, wild boar, giant squirrel, jackal, fox, hyaena, langur, porcupine etc. besides a variety of bird and reptile species.[1]

There are watch towers at Dwajadhari Pahar, Meghatari and Taraghati.[3]

There is a forest rest houses at Meghatari.[3]Koderma has various government and private facilities for fooding and lodging.

Animal sightings are a matter of chance and Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary is not a zoological garden. It is more than a picnic place. Drinking liquor and merry-making in the name of entertainment will not be handled lightly.[3]


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