Bermo subdivision
Bermo subdivision is located in Jharkhand
Bermo subdivision
Bermo subdivision
Location in Jharkhand, India
Bermo subdivision is located in India
Bermo subdivision
Bermo subdivision
Bermo subdivision (India)
Coordinates: 23°47′N 85°57′E / 23.783°N 85.950°E / 23.783; 85.950
Country India
 • Total1,018,690
 • OfficialHindi, Urdu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Bermo subdivision is an administrative subdivision of the Bokaro district in the North Chotanagpur division in the state of Jharkhand, India.


Bokaro district was created on 1 April 1991 by taking out Chas and Chandankiyari CD blocks of Dhanbad district and the entire Bermo subdivision of Giridih district and merging them.[1] Earlier, in 1972, Giridih district, including Bermo subdivision, was carved out of Hazaribagh district.[2]

Administrative set up

Bokaro district has two subdivisions:[3][4]

Subdivision Headquarters
Population %
Population %
Bermo Tenughat n/a 1,018,690 59.98 40.02
Chas Chas n/a 1,043,640 44.81 55.19
Bokaro district Bokaro Steel City 2,883 2,062,330 52.30 47.70
Cities, towns and locations in Bokaro district in North Chotanagpur Division
M: municipal town, CT: census town, R: rural/ urban centre, F: Factory, A: Coal Mining Area
Abbreviation used: TPS – Thermal Power Station
Owing to space constraints in the small map, the actual locations in a larger map may vary slightly

Urban frame

Phusro is the only statutory town in Bermo subdivision. It has 21 census towns: Bhandra, Telo, Narra, Chandrapura, Bursera, Dugda, Sijhua, Termi, Bermo, Kurpania, Bokaro (Thermal), Gomia, Saram, Hasir, Jaridih Bazar, Tenudam-cum-Kathara, Tenu, Lalpania, Jena, Bandh Dih and Tanr Balidih.[5]

The percentage of the population living in the urban areas is very high in Bermo CD block at 97.78%, and it is reasonably high in Chandrapura CD block at 63.09% and in Gomia CD block at 43.38%.[3]

Rural frame

There are 363 inhabited villages in Bermo subdivision.[6]

Police stations

Police stations in Bermo subdivision were at:[7]

  1. Bermo
  2. Chandrapura
  3. Dugda
  4. Gomia
  5. IEL
  6. Jaridih
  7. Kasmar
  8. Mahuatand
  9. Nawadih
  10. Petarwar
  11. Pindrajora


Community development blocks in Bermo subdivision are[8]

CD block Headquarters
SC % ST % Literacy
Rate %
Nawadih Nawadih 318.03 138,454 13.34 12.53 52.51 Bhandra
Chandrapura Chandrapura 121.08 132,162 11.29 8.52 65.08 Telo, Narra, Chandrapura, Termi, Bursera, Sijua, Dugda
Bermo Bermo 57.74 100,599 14.61 6.50 69.13 Bokaro (Thermal), Kurpania, Bermo, Jaridih Bazar
Gomia Gomia 670.49 23,118 12.45 20.24 55.46 Gomia, Hasir, Lalpania, Saram, Tenudam-cum-Kathara
Petarwar Petarwar 305.64 132150 14.85 29.09 52.93 Tenughat
Kasmar Kasmar 195.26 89,974 10.91 15.05 55.98 -
Jaridih Bandhdih 207.52 104,988 10.72 30.67 58.80 Bandh Dih, Jena, Tanr Balidih



Projects of the Central Coalfields in Bermo subdivision are given below:[9]

Operational Area Collieries
Bokaro and Kargali Area Bokaro open cast, Kargali open cast, Kargali underground, Karo opencast, Karo underground, Khas Mahal opencast, Khas Mahal underground, Karo Special underground, Giridih opencast*, Kabribad opencast*, Kargali washery. The area office is at Kargali, PO Bermo 829104
Dhori Area Amlo opencast, Dhori open cast, Selected Dhori Quarry No. I open cast, Selected Dhori Quarry No. III open cast, New Selected Dhori underground, Dhori Khas underground. The area office is at Dhori, PO Dhori 825102.
Kathara Area Kathara open cast, Jarangdih opencast, Jarangdih underground, Sawang opencast/ underground, Govindpur underground, Kathara Washery, Swang Washery. The area office is at Kathara, PO Kathara 829116.

.*Located outside the subdivision

Damoda colliery in the Barora Area of BCCL is in Bermo subdivision.[10]

Dugda Coal Washery of BCCL at Dugda has two units: Dugda I with annual capacity of 1 million tonnes per year washes non-coking coal, Dugda II with annual capacity of 2 million tonnes per year washes coking coal.[11]

Tenughat Dam

The four main multipurpose dams of the Damodar Valley Corporation, located at Tilaiya, Konar, Maithon and Panchet were commissioned during 1953–1959. In addition, a single purpose reservoir on the main stream, the Damodar, at Tenughat (with live storage 224 million m3 and without provision for flood storage) was constructed later in 1974.[12] While the four earlier dams are controlled by Damodar Valley Corporation, Tenughat Dam is controlled by the Government of Jharkhand.[13]

Thermal Power Plants

Bokaro (Thermal) has two power plants:

Chandrapura Thermal Power Station is a thermal power plant located in Chandrapura, operated by the Damodar Valley Corporation. It has 3 units with a total installed capacity of 630 MW. All of the units are coal-based.[15]

Tenughat Thermal Power Station is a coal-based thermal power plant located at Lalpania, owned by Jharkhand State owned Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Limited,[16] with an installed capacity of 420 MW (2x210 MW).[17]


Indian Explosives Ltd. set up a plant at Gomia in 1954.[18]


In 2011, in Bermo subdivision out of a total 363 inhabited villages there were 63 villages with pre-primary schools, 340 villages with primary schools, 193 villages with middle schools, 51 villages with secondary schools, 23 villages with senior secondary schools, 6 locations with general degree colleges, 2 locations with non-formal training centres, 3 locations with vocational training institutes, 1 polytechnic, 20 villages with no educational facility.[19]
.*Senior secondary schools are also known as Inter colleges in Jharkhand

Educational institutions

The following institutions are located in Bermo subdivision:

(Information about degree colleges with proper reference may be added here)


In 2011, in Bermo subdivision there were 16 villages with primary health centres, 69 villages with primary health subcentres, 17 villages with maternity and child welfare centres, 11 villages with allopathic hospitals, 20 villages with dispensaries, 5 villages with veterinary hospitals, 11 villages with family welfare centres, 38 villages with medicine shops.[19]
.*Private medical practitioners, alternative medicine etc. not included

Medical facilities

(Anybody having referenced information about location of government/ private medical facilities may please add it here)


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