There are three major law enforcement/security entities in Suriname.[1]


Korps Politie Suriname

The largest force and the most published in the media is the Korps Politie Suriname (KPS), the national police force of the Republic of Suriname.[1] This is a traditional police department model and is responsible for all the policing efforts. Under the main umbrella of the KPS, there are three branches.[1]

Military police

The second largest military police polices all members of the Surinamese Military and handles border control/immigration functions.[1]

Directorate of National Security

The third largest law enforcement/security entity are the Surinamese Directorate of National Security. The Directorate is responsible for the Central Intelligence and Security Service (CIVD) and the presidential personal security unit.[1]

Bijstands- en Beveiligingsdienst Suriname

The Bijstands- en Beveiligingsdienst Suriname (BBS) is the assistance and security service of Suriname.

In general, the Security Service is responsible for:

Human rights

LGBT individuals have made claims of police mistreatment in Paramaribo.[2] A 2012 UN report stated that Suriname's police scored the lowest in the region in communicating respectably with citizens.[3]

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