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Internal Security Forces
Forces de sécurité intérieure
قوى الأمن الداخلي
MottoSecurity for the Nation and Civilians
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction
  • Paramilitary law enforcement, counter insurgency, and riot control.
Operational structure
Agency executives
  • Major General Imad Osman, Commander
  • Brigadier General Naim Chammas, Chief of Staff

The Internal Security Forces Directorate (Arabic: المديرية العامة لقوى الأمن الداخلي, romanizedal-Mudiriyya al-'aamma li-Qiwa al-Amn al-Dakhili; French: Forces de Sécurité Intérieure; abbreviated ISF) is the national police and security force of Lebanon.

Modern police were established in Lebanon in 1861, with creation of the Gendarmerie.[1] In April 2005, Ashraf Rifi became head of the ISF, replacing Ali Hajj.[2] Rifi then started to recruit younger members to become part of Lebanese Intelligence. His term ended in April 2013, and he was replaced by Roger Salem,[3] and Ibrahim Basbouss subsequently. On March 8, 2017, the Lebanese Cabinet appointed Imad Othman director-general of the ISF. He took command the following day.[4]

The number of personnel reached 30,000 people by 2000 and has grown to over 40,000 by 2013. The ISF National Day in Lebanon is on the 9th of June.[5]


Their missions include :


The ISF organization includes:[9]

Elite Forces

Three Special Forces Teams operate in the ISF.

1- Special Operations Group-Judicial Police.

It consists of SWAT unit and BRI unit.

2- Strike Force - Information Department.

3- Black Panthers - Mobile Forces

Current Director

Imad Othman


List of General Directors of ISF:[10]

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Military offices Preceded byRoger Salem Ibrahim Basbouss Succeeded byImad Othman