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Liquavista BV
Founded2006; 17 years ago (2006)
HeadquartersThe Netherlands
ParentPhilips (2006-2010)
Samsung Electronics (2010-2013) (2013-2018) (2020)

Liquavista was a Dutch-based company founded in 2006 as a spin-off from Philips.[1] Its research and development have included efforts to develop colour e-paper video screens that can work with or without a backlight using electrowetting technology.[1] Liqavista began the final step in fully commercialising the technology in 2010, as it sent out SDKs to OEMs.[2] Liquavista was reported to anticipate the first productions runs of its electrowetting display panel to come in 2013 but it did not happen.[3]

In Dec. 2010, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd acquired Liquavista B.V. for an undisclosed amount.[4] On May 13, 2013, Amazon confirmed that it had acquired Liquavista from Samsung Electronics.[5] In 2018, Amazon shut down Liquavista but did not indicate what happened to the technology.[6] Later in September 2020, LookGadgets acquired the domain[7]


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