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The members of the original Sinister Six

The Sinister Six are a group of supervillains in the Marvel Comics universe, drawn from Spider-Man's rogues gallery. There are several different formations of the group along the history of Marvel Comics' publications whose objectives vary from joining forces against Spider-Man or another common enemy to world domination mostly facing spider-man.


Members listed alphabetically after leader

Founding members

Character Real Name Joined in Notes
Founding members
Doctor Octopus
(a.k.a. The Superior Spider-Man / The Superior Octopus)
Otto Gunther Octavius The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (October 1964) Current member and leader of the Sinister Six. Left team after the third incarnation had disbanded. Founded the seventh incarnation of the team during the Superhuman Registration Act and disbanded after Ends of the Earth. While (Octavius' mind was in Peter Parker's body) he captures and assembles his own "superhero team" which he controls through tech implanted in the villains. The team later disbands once the villains regain control; the team reassembled once again while under the influence of Kindred.

Former member of the Masters of Evil, the Thunderbolts, the Avengers, Parker Industries, Spider-Army/Web-Warriors and HYDRA.

Electro Maxwell "Max" Dillon Current member. Left team after the fifth incarnation had disbanded. Re-joined team during Ends of the Earth and disbanded when captured. Later was brainwashed by Octavius (while in the body of Peter Parker) to join the "Superior Six". He regained control of his mind and leaves the team. Dillion re-joined the team while under the influence of Kindred.

Former member of the Emissaries of Evil, the Frightful Four and the Sinister Twelve.

Kraven the Hunter Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff Current member. Left team after the first incarnation had disbanded.
Mysterio Quentin Beck Current member. Left team after the fourth incarnation had disbanded. Re-joined team during Ends of the Earth and disbanded when captured. Later was brainwashed by Octavius (while in the body of Peter Parker) to join the "Superior Six". He regained control of his mind and leaves the team. Beck re-joined the team while under the influence of Kindred.
Sandman William Baker (a.k.a. Flint Marko) Current member. Left team after the second incarnation had disbanded. Formed and lead the fifth incarnation to get revenge on Doctor Octopus. Re-joined team during Ends of the Earth and disbanded when captured. Later was brainwashed by Octavius (while in the body of Peter Parker) to join the "Superior Six". He regained control of his mind and leaves the team. Joined a new incarnation led by Aaron Davis and later leaves team. Baker re-joined the team while under the influence of Kindred.

Former member of the Avengers, Frightful Four, Wild Pack and the Sinister Twelve.

Vulture Adrian Toomes Current leader of the Savage Six under the influence of Kindred. Founding member, left team after the fifth incarnation had disbanded. Re-joined team during the Superhuman Registration Act and disbanded after Ends of the Earth. Later was brainwashed by Octavius (while in the body of Peter Parker) to join the "Superior Six". He regained control of his mind and leaves the team.

Former member of the Sinister Twelve.

Some later recruits

Character Real name Joined in Notes
Later recruits
Hobgoblin Jason Philip Macendale Jr. The Amazing Spider-Man #335 (August 1990) Former member of the second and third incarnations, joined while possessed by Demogoblin. Formed and lead the fourth incarnation to fight Kaine.
Gog Gog Spider-Man #23 (June 1992) Former member of the third incarnation, beaten in combat by Solo and shrunken by Mister Fantastic, who sends him back to his home dimension.
Beetle Abner Jenkins Spider-Man Unlimited #9

(May 1994)

Scorpia Elaine Coll
Shocker Herman Schultz
Kraven the Hunter II Alyosha Kravinoff Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #12 (1999)
Venom Eddie Brock Peter Parker: Spider-Man #12 (1999) Venom temporarily joined the Sinister Six to target Spider-Man, replacing Doctor Octopus, but after they betrayed him, he subsequently targets the other members out of revenge.
Grim Reaper Eric Williams Civil War #2 (June 2006) Joined during the Superhuman Registration Act and detained by the Secret Avengers.
Lizard Curtis "Curt" Connors Current member. Joined during the Superhuman Registration Act and detained by the Secret Avengers. Re-joined the team while under the influence of Kindred and separated from Curt Connors through the Isotope Genome Accelerator.
Trapster Peter Petruski Joined during the Superhuman Registration Act and detained by the Secret Avengers.
Chameleon Dmitri Nikolayevich Smerdyakov Marvel Knights Spiderman #10
Rhino Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich
Beetle Janice Lincoln the Superior Spider-Man #1
Boomerang Frederick "Fred" Myers
Living Brain N/A The Superior Spider-Man #1
Overdrive James Beverley the Superior Spider-Man #1
Speed Demon James Sanders The Superior Spider-Man #1

Sinister Six #5

This fifth incarnation was formed by the Sandman to get revenge on Doctor Octopus.

Sinister Six #6 (Sinister Twelve)

This sixth incarnation was formed by Norman Osborn at the time when he was unmasked as the Green Goblin.

Sinister Six #7

This seventh incarnation was formed during the Civil War storyline.

Sinister Six #8

This eighth incarnation was formed following the Origin of the Species storyline and were the main antagonists of the Ends of the Earth storyline:

Sinister Six #9

This ninth incarnation debuted in the Marvel NOW! event. After their defeat by the Superior Spider-Man, who took the Living Brain to be his own assistant, the remaining five became the lead characters in Superior Foes of Spider-Man:

Sinister Six #10 (Superior Six)

The Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Peter Parker's body) captures and assembles his own "superhero team" which he controls through tech implanted in the villains. This 10th incarnation debuted in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5 (2013). The roster corresponds closely to the original lineup.

Sinister Six #11

In order to steal valuables from the Chameleon, Boomerang's Sinister Six (minus the Living Brain and the Shocker) ally themselves with the Owl, who hires 11 others to create the "Sinister Sixteen".

Sinister Six #12

Mojo and the Chameleon abduct Spider-Man and his X-Men students, and force them to star in a show which pits them against the Sinister Sixty-Six. The group, which is not seen in its entirety, consists of holographic stand-ins of various enemies of Spider-Man.[1]

Sinister Six #13

A new team is assembled by Swarm in Spider-Man and the X-Men. While stealing a delivery of gold, the group is confronted by Spider-Man and his X-Men students; after Swarm is defeated by Hellion, his teammates surrender.[2]

Sinister Six #14

A new incarnation is assembled by Miles Morales' uncle Aaron Davis, who is wearing a re-colored and modified version of the Iron Spider armor.[3]

Sinister Six #15

In Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 2) #6, Spider-Man plays with Nathan, a cancer patient, where they envision that Nathan becomes Spider-Bite and they "fight" the Sinister Sixty who wish to obtain Spider-Bite's action figure of Spider-Man.

Sinister Six #16 (Sinister War)

In Sinister War, six teams with 36 villains total are formed under the influence of Kindred and paired up in a contest to see who can take out Spider-Man first.

"Classic" Sinister Six

Savage Six

The Syndicate

Superior Foes

Wild Pack

"Sinful Six"

Other versions

Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse 10th anniversary limited series, Mister Sinister assembles his own group dubbed the Sinister Six to fight Magneto's X-Men. However, this group is unrelated to the more established lineup of criminals.

Avataars: Covenant of the Shield

On the planet Earth created by the Shaper of Worlds, the Sinister Six are known as the Six Most Sinister, a group of criminals operating a tollbooth in the Webwood who are led by the Goblin King. When the Champions of the Realm attempt to pass through the Webwoods, they are attacked by the Six Most Sinister, who they easily deal with and leave defeated as they move on.

Devil's Reign

Doctor Octopus faces a tantalizing, unprecedented opportunity to scour the Multiverse, amassing an army of himself - the Superior Four.

The Fist's 2099 A.D.

In an alternate reality in 2099 A.D., where the Fist – a splinter group of The Hand – succeeded in destroying the country, the Sinister Six have taken over Alchemex and rule the dystopian New York. Their leader, the Goblin, however, is secretly an informant working for the resistance. After being discovered, she is killed by Doctor Octopus, and instead find a new leader in Venture, who now employs them with the Fist, in the past.

Gentleman's Sinister Six

In a trilogy of Spider-Man novels written by Adam-Troy Castro, a criminal mastermind calling himself the Gentleman formed a Sinister Six as part of an elaborate scheme to claim vengeance on Spider-Man.

Insidious Six

The Insidious Six are a band of Demons from the "Dark Web" event. They are a collection of characters parodying important Spider-Man villains. They battled Spider-Man and Rek-Rap.

Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions

Millennial Visions brings a brand-new look at the entire Marvel Universe, including a Noxious Nine that was formed after the members of the Sinister Six joined with Rhino, Scorpion and Carnage in order to take out the Blin Quay Nuclear Power Station. Carnage was atomized in a containment field that caused an overload, releasing high levels of radiation and fusing the genetic material of the remaining members to their costumes, greatly increasing their power and making them more animal than men.

Marvel Zombies

A zombified version of the Sinister Six appears in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. They are seen attacking innocent civilians upon the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, but are repelled by Wolverine and Magneto.

Marvel Zombies Return

In the Marvel Zombies series, the Sinister Six appear in an alternative universe that Zombie Spider-Man enters, working for the Kingpin. They are quickly and violently ripped apart, bitten, and zombified (except the Sandman, who hopefully flees by turning into sand and disguising himself as the dirt Zombie Spider-Man stood on), and end up eating Spider-Man's friends, which causes them to be killed in retaliation.

Secret Invasion

Several variants of the Super-Skrull appear, including a Sinister Six Skrull with the combined powers of Sandman (William Baker), Hydro-Man (Morris Bench), Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich), Electro (Maxwell Dillon), Venom (MacDonald Gargan), and Lizard (Curtis Connors).

Secret Wars (2015)

Various versions of the Sinister Six appear over various domains of Battleworld.


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow

After Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is consumed by the Venom symbiote, he goes on a killing spree, eliminating his rogues gallery one by one. J. Jonah Jameson begrudgingly calls upon Doctor Octopus to bring together the Sinister Six and combat him.[4]

The Sinister Syndicate

Formed by the super-villain Abner Jenkins, aka "The Beetle" to act as a mercenary group that worked for the highest bidder. The group later reformed as the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man, before tearing themselves apart with in-fighting. When Boomerang became the leader of the Sinister Six, the Shocker suggested going back to the name "Sinister Syndicate", but the idea was shot down by Speed Demon, objecting, "the Sinister Syndicate were losers!"[5]

The Sinner Six

An elderly version of the Sinister Six, dubbed the Sinner Six, appeared in Spider-Man: Reign. This version of the team is forced into the employ of New York's fascist Mayor Waters via microchips placed inside them that would detonate if they attempted to leave the city. If they succeeded in killing Spider-Man, they would be given their freedom. When the enraged (and elderly) Spider-Man returned to the superhero game, he seemingly killed the Scorpion by throwing him out of a window and Hydro-Man and Electro by throwing them into each other, as well as badly beating Kraven and Mysterio, before the Sandman revealed the existence of the bombs and handed a detonator to Spider-Man, sacrificing himself to stop Mayor Waters' plans after Waters was revealed to be nothing more than a pawn of his aide, Eddie Brock.


A version of the Sinister Six names the Six Men of Sinestry appears in Spider-Verse in the dimension of Earth-803 where it is set in Industrial Age New York. Their objective was to steal the mayor's plan. They battled Lady Spider and were forced to retreat after they were overwhelmed, yet they were able to accomplish their task.[6]

Swinester Six

The Swinester Six was an alliance of Spider-Ham villains.

The Ultimate Six

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the Sinister Six is renamed the Ultimate Six. The original five villainous members initially attempted to recruit Spider-Man as the sixth member, but failed to do so.[7] The Vulture would later join the team.[8]


The Sinister Sextet of Earth-311 is founded by the dimension's version of Carnage.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The team appears under the corporate holding "Alchemax", attempting to create portals to alternate universes.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Spider-Man: No Way Home features a 5-member supervillain team which very closely resembles the Sinister Six. This variation of the team consists of alternate timeline variations of the characters from the Sony Sam Raimi and Marc Webb Spider-Man films. In a post-credits scene Venom (Eddie Brock) is revealed to have also been brought to the MCU timeline from Sony's Spider-Man Universe, though he does not join the other characters.


Former members and replacements listed last

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

A version of the Sinister Six appeared in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, renamed the Insidious Six. This incarnation was formed by the Kingpin and is assisted remotely by Alistair Smythe.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Sinister Six appears in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, a group of supervillains led and formed by Doctor Octopus in order to physically beat Spider-Man.

Ultimate Spider-Man

The Sinister Six (later, the "Sinister Seven" and the "Superior Sinister Six") appear in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, led by Doctor Octopus. Unlike in the comic book series of the same name, the team is known as the Sinister Six rather than the Ultimate Six.

Marvel's Spider-Man

The Sinister Six appear in the 2017 Spider-Man animated series, led by Doctor Octopus. At first, the group is formed by Norman Osborn as the "Osborn Commandos" until Octopus takes over. Unlike other incarnations, this team is known as the "Sinister Five" until Octopus brainwashes Spider-Man into being their sixth member.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends


The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

The Sinister Six appear as the Sinister Syndicate in the theme park attraction The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. The group has captured the Statue of Liberty with an anti-gravity gun, and attack the guests.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

The Sinister Six appears in the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. In this version, their comic book origins are ignored. Instead, they share a common origin as former research scientists whom the Green Goblin deliberately mutates into "freaks" as punishment for having abandoned Osborn Industries.

Marvel Universe Live!


Marvel's Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show!

The Sinister Six became the Frightful Five after Kraven the Hunter was fired from the group after trying to quit it. Kraven befriended Squirrel Girl who convinced him to turn good; he moved to the Savage Land to protect dinosaurs from poachers. The Shocker stole some Pym Particles and was set to style himself as "The Giant Sized Shocker" before being talked down and inspired to do good by Squirrel Girl on her podcast, encouraging him to use his powers to turn turbines and generate clean and affordable electricity, making more money than bank robberies, and being a hero. The Scorpion has the ability to talk to scorpions.[9]

Video games

The Amazing Spider-Man

The game does not explicitly identify the game's antagonists as the Sinister Six, though all six of them have been members of the team in other media.

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

In the NES game Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six, the Sinister Six is featured with the same line-up as the story arc the game is named for.

Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six are the primary enemies of the video game Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six.

Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six are the main antagonists in the DOS video game Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister Six.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

The team went by The Ultimate Six, Norman Osborn's Six, and simply The Six.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

The Sinister Six made their in-game debut as group during the level "Special Operations - Along Came the Spiders".[10]

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online was an MMO and card collecting game featuring the Sinister Six as the Sinister Syndicate.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Spider-Man Unlimited

A Multiverse Sinister Six, consisting of various members of themselves, invade dimensions to harvest the mineral ISO-8. They command an army of Sinister Soldiers. During updates, various villains appear, either aiding them or just joining in the battles, such as Jack O' Lantern, Hydro-Man, Silver Sable and Demogoblin. Superior Spider-Man was invited to the team, but declined.





Doctor Octopuses


The Sinister Six were also aided by autonomous robotic henchman, the "Sinister Soldiers", sometimes also known as "Portal Troops". Besides their base version, they also came in Golden, 2099, Underwater, and Mysterio variants.

Marvel: Future Fight

A special mission features the Sinister Six in collaboration with A.I.M. This version, however, is led by Mysterio, who disguised himself as Doctor Octopus and tricks the other members, as well as A.I.M., to take control of the group and the A.I.M. faction in New York. It is unknown if the Vulture is an official member, but he assists the other villains against their fight with Spider-Man and his allies. In game, Electro does get the team tag, though Rhino does not, despite being in the event.

Marvel's Spider-Man

This team was formed by Otto Octavius, after he loses control of himself due to the dysfunctional AI in his tentacles influencing him and his darkest thoughts. He breaks out Martin Li and other villains Spider-Man has defeated and put in jail, offering them their personal desires and outfitting them with gear in exchange for their help to get revenge on and expose Mayor Norman Osborn and his involvement in the creation of Devil's Breath.

Marvel Strike Force

Board games

Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Players battle Marvel villains with unique teams of iconic heroes.

The Hood Scenario Pack

The Hood's budding criminal empire is swiftly becoming a formidable threat to the people of New York City. Under the Hood's rule, players encounter the Sinister Syndicate as an additional side scheme.

Sinister Motives Expansion

In this expansion, players take on a rogues gallery of classic Spider-Man villains, the Sinister Six and their sinister schemes.

Sinister Six

Players play as the Sinister Six to pull off heists and escape Spider-Man and his friends, and come away with the most loot.


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