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This is a list of characters who serve as supporting cast of the Marvel Comics' Spider-Man.



Note: This tree covers various different alternate realities to varying degrees.

Immediate family


Mary Jane's family

May Parker's Family

Spider-Man Family

Spider-Man family tree
Will Fitzpatrick
Captain George StacyMary Teresa Parker (née Fitzpatrick)Richard Laurence ParkerBenjamin Franklin "Uncle Ben" ParkerMaybelle "May" Parker (née Reilly)John Jonah Jameson Sr.David BurnollBetty Burnoll
Emily LymanNorman Osborn
Green Goblin of Earth-616[n 1]
Gwendolyne Maxine StacyPeter Benjamin Parker
Mary Jane "MJ" Watson
[n 2]
Teresa ParkerJoan JamesonJohn Jonah Jameson Jr.Marla Madison
John Jonah Jameson III
Colonel Jupiter / Man-Wolf / Stargod
Linda BrownGloria Morales
Gabriel Stacy and Sarah StacyRichard "Richie" Parker[n 1]Benjamin Richard "Benjy" Parker[n 3][n 4]May "Mayday" Parker
[n 3]
Anna-May "Annie" Parker
[n 2]
Aaron Davis
The Prowler
/ Iron Spider
Jefferson Davis
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Scorpion
Rio Morales
Elizabeth "Liz" Allan
Harold Theopolis "Harry" Lyman
(né Osborn)
Green Goblin / Kindred
Kaine Parker
Tarantula / Scarlet Spider[n 5]
Janine Godbe
Elizabeth Tyne[n 3]
Benjamin "Ben" Reilly
Scarlet Spider / Spider-Man / Jackal[n 5]
Gwendolyne Maxine "Gwen" Stacy of Earth-65
Spider-Woman / Spider-Gwen / Ghost-Spider
Miles Gonzalo Morales
Spider-Man / Spy-D / Kid Arachnid / Captain Universe
Wilhelmina "Billie" Mariana Morales
Norman Harold "Normie" Osborn
Green Goblin / Red Goblin / Goblin Childe
María Aracely Josefina Penalba de las Heras
Reilly Tyne
[n 3]
Ultimate Spider-Woman
Jessica Drew / Peter Parker / Julia Carpenter / Parker Peters / Black Widow
[n 6][n 5]
Spider-Girl[n 7]
Maximilian "Max"
Spider-Boy[n 7]
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  4. ^ An older Benjamin Parker additionally appears in J. J. Abrams' Spider-Man as an only child.
  5. ^ a b c Biological clone of Peter Parker created by Miles Warren.
  6. ^ In the continuity of the Ultimate Marvel imprint only.
  7. ^ a b In the continuity of Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen: Sitting in a Tree only.

Love interests

Peter Parker's love interests

Other continuity

Miles Morales' Love Interests

Other continuity

Ben Reilly's love interests

Ben had Peter's memories of dating Betty Brant and Gwen Stacy, though not Mary Jane. This is due to the fact that Peter had not yet developed feelings for Mary Jane, at the time he was cloned.

Peter Parker's supporting characters


Daily Bugle

Horizon Labs

Parker Industries

Ben Reilly's supporting characters

Kaine's supporting characters

Gwen Stacy's family


Spider family

Other allies


Main article: List of Spider-Man enemies

Alternative continuities

Main article: Alternative versions of Spider-Man


Earth-928 a.k.a. Earth-616 circa 2099

Further information: Marvel 2099, Spider-Man 2099, and Spider-Man 2211


Omniverse (No Main Universe or Multiverse)

Further information: Exiles (Marvel Comics) and Weapon X (Exiles)

House of M


Further information: House of M and Spider-Man: House of M

Marvel Mangaverse


Further information: Marvel Mangaverse

Marvel Zombies


Further information: Marvel Zombies



Further information: Marvel Comics 2, Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker), and Spider-Man (Gerry Drew)

Spider-Man: India


Further information: Spider-Man: India

Ultimate Marvel


Further information: Ultimate Marvel, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man (Ultimate Marvel character)

Spider-Man Unlimited


Further information: Spider-Man Unlimited

Marvel's Spider-Man


Further information: Spider-Man (2018 video game)

Marvel Cinematic Universe


Further information: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Supporting characters in other media

These supporting characters do not appear in the comics. They were created for various media series. Among them are:

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