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Stuart Williamson's statue of John Keats (2007), Guy's Hospital
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This is a list of public art in the London Borough of Southwark.


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Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Poured Lines by Ian Davenport, Southwark Street, London SE1.jpg
Poured Lines Southwark Street 2006 Ian Davenport Painting The largest outdoor painting in Britain.[1]
Greyworld Monument to an Unknown Artist Holland Street London 01.JPG

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Monument to the Unknown Artist Sumner Street 2007 greyworld Animatronic statue [2]
Ivan Murray A Family in Residence 02.JPG

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A Family in Residence Neo Bankside 2012 Ivan Murray Sculptural group


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Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Memorial to James Braidwood Tooley Street 1862 Samuel Henry Gardiner Relief [3]
Statue of Samuel Bourne Bevington in Tooley Street.jpg

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Statue of Samuel Bourne Bevington Tooley Street

51°30′10″N 0°04′41″W / 51.5029°N 0.0781°W / 51.5029; -0.0781 (Statue of Samuel Bourne Bevington)
1910 Sydney March Statue Grade II [4]
War Memorial in St John

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St John Horsleydown War Memorial St John's Churchyard

51°30′08″N 0°04′42″W / 51.5022°N 0.0784°W / 51.5022; -0.0784 (St John Horsleydown War Memorial)
1920 c. 1920 ? Crucifix Grade II [5]
West Lane war memorial - - 2427098.jpg

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Bermondsey and Rotherhithe War Memorial West Lane

51°29′56″N 0°03′38″W / 51.4990°N 0.0605°W / 51.4990; -0.0605 (Bermondsey and Rotherhithe War Memorial)
1921 ? Memorial column Grade II Unveiled October 1921.[6]
London Regiment War Memorial, Bermondsey (geograph 2963591) (cropped).jpg
22nd Battalion London Regiment (The Queen's) War Memorial Old Jamaica Road

51°29′53″N 0°04′15″W / 51.4980°N 0.0709°W / 51.4980; -0.0709 (22nd Battalion London Regiment (The Queen's) War Memorial)
1921 ? ? War memorial Grade II Unveiled 20 November 1921.[7]
Bust of Ernest Bevin, Tooley Street, London (2012).jpg

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Bust of Ernest Bevin Tooley Street

51°30′10″N 0°04′40″W / 51.5028°N 0.0779°W / 51.5028; -0.0779 (Bust of Ernest Bevin)
1955 Ernest Shone-Jones after Edwin Whitney-Smith Bust [8]
Sculpture - Woman with Dog - - 2276008.jpg
Lady with a Greyhound Avondale Square 1962 Antony Weller Sculpture
The Navigators, HDR.jpg

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The Navigators Hay's Galleria 1987 David Kemp [9]
Horselydown Square (3721210243).jpg
Waterfall Horselydown Square 1991 Antony Donaldson Fountain with sculpture [10]
Sculpture on the Waterfront, Bermondsey (geograph 2098015).jpg
Exotic Cargo St Saviour's Dock footbridge, Butler's Wharf 1995 Peter Randall-Page Sculpture [11]
The Bermondsey Lion in The Blue (Sep 2012) 2.JPG

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The Bermondsey Lion The Blue

51°29′33″N 0°03′49″W / 51.4924°N 0.0636°W / 51.4924; -0.0636 (The Bermondsey Lion)
2011 Kevin Boys Sculpture
Dr Salter

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Dr Salter's Daydream
Alfred Salter
Cherry Gardens

51°30′02″N 0°03′35″W / 51.5006°N 0.0597°W / 51.5006; -0.0597 (Dr Salter's Daydream)
2014 Diane Gorvin Sculptures Replaces a group of the same name installed here in 1991. The seated statue of Dr Salter was stolen in 2011, after which the figures of his daughter Joyce and her cat were taken into safekeeping by Southwark Council.[12] The new work includes an additional sculpture portraying Salter's wife, Ada.[13]
Albert McKenzie memorial.jpg
Memorial to Albert Edward McKenzie Tower Bridge Road 2015 Kevin Boys Tim Wood Sculpture [14]
Austin Emery

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Cornerstone Tanner Street Park 2020 Austin Emery Sculpture [15]
Bermondsey Tank.jpg

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Mandela Way T-34 Tank Mandela Way

51°29′35″N 0°04′58″W / 51.4930°N 0.0827°W / 51.4930; -0.0827 (Mandela Way T-34 Tank)
Sculpture Of
Jacob the Dray Horse Circle Apartments, Queen Elizabeth Street

51°30′06″N 0°04′28″W / 51.50160°N 0.07438°W / 51.50160; -0.07438 (Jacob the Dray Horse)


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Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Ben Todd statue2.jpg

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Statue of Robert Bentley Todd King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill 1863 Matthew Noble [16]
St George, Wells Way - War Memorial WWI (cropped).jpg

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Burgess Park War Memorial 55 Wells Way (formerly St George's Church)

51°28′54″N 0°05′08″W / 51.481784°N 0.085481°W / 51.481784; -0.085481 (Burgess Park War Memorial)
1920 Arild Rosenkrantz Statue Grade II Unveiled 19 September 1920.[17]
Camberwell War Memorial (01).jpg

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1st Surrey Rifles War Memorial St Giles's churchyard, Camberwell Church Street

51°28′24″N 0°05′13″W / 51.4733°N 0.0870°W / 51.4733; -0.0870 (1st Surrey Rifles War Memorial)
1921 ? Memorial cross Grade II Unveiled 6 November 1921.[18]
Statue of General William Booth.jpg

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Statue of William Booth Outside William Booth Memorial Training College, Champion Park

51°28′04″N 0°05′19″W / 51.4679°N 0.0886°W / 51.4679; -0.0886 (Statue of William Booth)
1929 George Edward Wade Giles Gilbert Scott Statue Grade II [19]
Catherine Booth statue.jpg

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Statue of Catherine Booth Outside William Booth Memorial Training College, Champion Park

51°28′04″N 0°05′20″W / 51.4679°N 0.0888°W / 51.4679; -0.0888 (Statue of Catherine Booth)
1929 George Edward Wade Giles Gilbert Scott Statue Grade II [19]
Damilola Taylor memorial.jpg
Memorial to Damilola Taylor Oliver Goldsmith Primary School 2001–2002 Alexandra Brooke Sculpture [20]
Denmark Hill wolf 2.jpg

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Run Denmark Hill 2009 Leigh Dyer Sculptures


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Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
St Peters Church, Dulwich Common (geograph 2158988).jpg
St Peter's Church War Memorial St Peter's churchyard, Lordship Lane

51°26′35″N 0°04′03″W / 51.4431°N 0.0675°W / 51.4431; -0.0675 (St Peter's Church War Memorial)
after 1918 ? Rectangular pillar with flagpole Grade II [21]
War memorial, South Dulwich - - 970242.jpg
St Stephen's Church War Memorial St Stephen's churchyard, College Road

51°25′56″N 0°04′42″W / 51.4323°N 0.0784°W / 51.4323; -0.0784 (St Stephen's Church War Memorial)
after 1918 ? Celtic cross Grade II [22]
Dulwich College War Memorial, 2018.jpg

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Dulwich College War Memorial Dulwich College

51°26′25″N 0°05′03″W / 51.4402°N 0.0842°W / 51.4402; -0.0842 (Dulwich College War Memorial)
1920; 1990 W. H. Atkin-Berry; John Wells-Thorpe Memorial cross with stelae Grade II Unveiled 17 June 1921 by Major General Sir Webb Gillman.[23]
The war memorial at Dulwich Hospital - - 2605554.jpg

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Southwark Military Hospital War Memorial Former Dulwich Hospital

51°27′32″N 0°04′51″W / 51.4589°N 0.0807°W / 51.4589; -0.0807 (Souhwark Military Hospital War Memorial)
1920; 2009 ? Memorial cross Grade II Unveiled 16 October 1920,[24] on a site about 20m to the west of its current location. Only the base is original, the cross and shaft having been lost after the memorial was put into storage in the 1950s. Restored and reinstalled on this site in 2009.[25]
The Dulwich Estate - DSC05986.JPG

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Dulwich Old College War Memorial Dulwich Old College

51°26′48″N 0°05′09″W / 51.4468°N 0.0859°W / 51.4468; -0.0859 (Dulwich Old College War Memorial)
1921 W. D. Caröe Memorial cross Grade II [26]
Edward Alleyn and William Allen Sculpture - - 1270838.jpg

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Memorial to Edward Alleyn Dulwich Old College

51°26′49″N 0°05′10″W / 51.4469°N 0.0860°W / 51.4469; -0.0860 (Memorial to Edward Alleyn)
2005 Louise Simson Sculptural group [27]
Walking the dog installation.jpg

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Walking the Dog Dulwich Picture Gallery 2009 Peter Randall-Page Sculpture Presented by the Art Fund in 2011 to mark the Dulwich Picture Gallery's bicentenary.[28][29]
Dulwich Park (35116644751).jpg
Three Perpetual Chords Dulwich Park 2015 Conrad Shawcross Sculpture [30]

Elephant and Castle

Main article: Elephant and Castle

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes

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Elephant and Castle Elephant and Castle 1898 ? Sculpture [31]
Southwark War Memorial (7327519458).jpg
Borough of Southwark World War II Memorial Walworth Town Hall, Walworth Road 1949 ? Tablets Grade II Unveiled 11 June 1949.[32]
Faraday Memorial SE1 (49052991483).jpg

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Michael Faraday Memorial Elephant and Castle roundabout

51°29′42″N 0°06′02″W / 51.4950°N 0.1006°W / 51.4950; -0.1006 (Michael Faraday Memorial)
1959–1961 Rodney Gordon Sculpture Grade II [33]
War memorial in Walworth Square (48687178638).jpg
Southwark Memorial Walworth Square 2018 Kenny Hunter Sculpture [34]
Big King Morley College ? Glenn Hellman Architectural sculpture [35]


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Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Brandon Estate Henry Moore (21659971611).jpg

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Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 3 Brandon Estate, Cooks Road

51°28′57″N 0°06′15″W / 51.4825°N 0.1043°W / 51.4825; -0.1043 (Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 3)
1961 Henry Moore Sculpture [36]
London, UK - panoramio (141).jpg

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Segment of the Berlin Wall Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park ? "Indiano" (Jürgen L. Grosse) Segment of wall with graffiti [37]
Soviet War Memorial, London.jpg

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Soviet War Memorial Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park

51°29′46″N 0°06′35″W / 51.4962°N 0.1096°W / 51.4962; -0.1096 (Soviet War Memorial)
1999 Sergei Shcherbakov Garry Breeze Sculpture Unveiled 9 May (Victory Day) 1999.[38]


Main article: Newington, London

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Alfred The Great statue.JPG

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Statue of Alfred the Great Trinity Church Square

51°29′56″N 0°05′37″W / 51.4989°N 0.0936°W / 51.4989; -0.0936 (Statue of a king, possibly Alfred the Great)
Late 1st – early 2nd century (lower half); early 19th century (upper half) ? Statue Grade II The lower half is a remnant of a colossal Roman statue, most likely of the goddess Minerva. Previously thought to be either a medieval statue commissioned by Richard II for Westminster Hall, or entirely 18th- or 19th-century.[39]
Knight on Pocock Street (15143125177) (cropped).jpg
The Black Friar Friars House, Blackfriars Road / Pocock Street 1958 Edward Bainbridge Copnall Relief [40]


Main article: Peckham

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
The History of the Old Kent Road (11).jpg

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History of the Old Kent Road The Everlasting Arms Ministries (formerly the North Peckham Civic Centre), 600–608 Old Kent Road

51°29′00″N 0°03′56″E / 51.4833°N 0.0655°E / 51.4833; 0.0655 (History of the Old Kent Road)
1964 Adam Kossowski Ceramic mural Grade II [41]
Public art, Old Kent Road.jpg
Arrows and Obelisks Tesco, Old Kent Road

51°29′18″N 0°04′34″W / 51.4883°N 0.0762°W / 51.4883; -0.0762 (Arrows and Obelisks)
1995 Peter Logan Kinetic sculpture [42]


Main article: Rotherhithe

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
Holy Trinity war memorial, Rotherhithe - - 3442561.jpg

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Holy Trinity Church War Memorial Holy Trinity churchyard

51°30′01″N 0°02′05″W / 51.5003°N 0.0348°W / 51.5003; -0.0348 (Holy Trinity Church War Memorial)
after 1918 ? Cross atop a fluted pillar Grade II [43]
Rotherhithe War Memorial (01).jpg

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St Mary's Church War Memorial St Mary's churchyard

51°30′04″N 0°03′15″W / 51.5012°N 0.0542°W / 51.5012; -0.0542 (St Mary's Church War Memorial)
after 1918 ? Memorial cross Grade II [44]
Southern Side of Norwegian Seamen War Memorial, Rotherhithe.jpg

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Norwegian Seamen's War Memorial St Olav's Church

51°29′56″N 0°03′37″W / 51.4990°N 0.0604°W / 51.4990; -0.0604 (Norwegian Seamen's War Memorial)
1927 ? War memorial Grade II [45]
Curlicue 2017-08-12(2) (49311359888).jpg

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Curlicue Greenland Dock

51°29′46″N 0°01′58″W / 51.4961°N 0.0327°W / 51.4961; -0.0327 (Curlicue)
1989 William Pye Sculpture [46]
James Walker, Engineer - - 1876498 cropped.jpg
Bust of James Walker Greenland Dock

51°29′44″N 0°02′27″W / 51.49542°N 0.04074°W / 51.49542; -0.04074 (Bust of James Walker)
1990 Michael Rizzello Bust [47]
Deal Porters by Philip Bews.jpg
Deal Porters Canada Water 1990 Philip Bews Sculptural group Unveiled 19 October 1990 by Jack Jones.[48]
Sunshine Weekly and the Pilgrims Pocket statue.jpg

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Sunshine Weekly and the Pilgrim's Pocket Cumberland Wharf

51°30′09″N 0°03′07″W / 51.5024°N 0.0519°W / 51.5024; -0.0519 (Sunshine Weekly and the Pilgrim's Pocket)
1991 Peter McLean Sculptural group
Memorial to Christopher Jones, St Mary
Memorial to Christopher Jones St Mary's churchyard 1995 Jamie Sargeant Sculptural group [49]
Statues in Greenland Dock (48768318737).jpg
Sustrans Portrait Bench Greenland Dock

51°29′43″N 0°02′26″W / 51.49530°N 0.04047°W / 51.49530; -0.04047 (Sustrans Portrait Bench)
2013 ? Sculpture Depicts Phyllis Pearsall, Michael Caine, and Barry Mason (represented by a bicycle and cormorant).[50]


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Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Architect / other Type Designation Notes
The King
Royal Arms of George III Façade of King's Arms pub, Newcomen Street 1728 c. 1728 Architectural sculpture (relief) Grade II Originally stood on a gateway that spanned the old London Bridge. Placed on the pub's façade soon after it was completed in 1890.[51]
Northern Side of the Thomas Guy Statue at Guys Hospital.jpg

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Statue of Thomas Guy Guy's Hospital

51°30′15″N 0°05′16″W / 51.5043°N 0.0879°W / 51.5043; -0.0879 (Statue of Thomas Guy)
1734 Peter Scheemakers Statue Grade II [3]
Mosaic roundel at Octavia House in Red Cross Garden, London.jpg
The Sower Red Cross Garden

51°30′12″N 0°05′41″W / 51.5033°N 0.0948°W / 51.5033; -0.0948 (The Sower)
1896 After Louisa Beresford, Marchioness of Waterford James Powell and Sons (glassmakers) Mosaic Grade II [52]
Here stood the Globe Playhouse of Shakespeare 1598 - 1613.jpg
Plaque marking the approximate site of the Globe Theatre Park Street 1909 Édouard Lantéri Plaque with relief Unveiled by Herbert Beerbohm Tree and commissioned by the Shakespeare Reading Society, of which Tree was President.[53]
Northern Side of the War Memorial, Guy

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Guy's Hospital War Memorial Guy's Hospital, St Thomas Street

51°30′11″N 0°05′20″W / 51.5030°N 0.0890°W / 51.5030; -0.0890 (Guy's Hospital War Memorial)
1921 William Walford Memorial arch Grade II Unveiled 16 July 1921 by the Duke of York (the future George V).[54]
London, Brighton and South Coast Railway War Memorial (2017).jpg

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London, Brighton and South Coast Railway War Memorial London Bridge station

51°30′17″N 0°05′10″E / 51.5046°N 0.086°E / 51.5046; 0.086 (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway War Memorial)
1921 ? Plaques Unveiled 5 October 1921.[55]
London Hop Trade War Memorial Borough High Street

51°30′15″N 0°05′27″W / 51.5043°N 0.0908°W / 51.5043; -0.0908 (London Hop Trade War Memorial)
1922 Omar Ramsden Plaque Unveiled 19 January 1922.[56]
War memorial on Borough High Street, south London - - 1522091.jpg

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St Saviour's War Memorial Borough High Street, opposite Talbot's Yard

51°30′15″N 0°05′27″W / 51.5043°N 0.0909°W / 51.5043; -0.0909 (Southwark War Memorial)
1922 Philip Lindsey Clark Statue Grade II* Unveiled 16 November 1922.[57]
Statue Of Viscount Nuffield-Guys Hospital-London.jpg
Statue of William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield Guy's Hospital

51°29′12″N 0°04′10″W / 51.4866°N 0.0695°W / 51.4866; -0.0695 (Statue of William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield)
1949 Maurice Lambert Statue [58]
Alan Collins

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Minerva Southwark Cathedral 1966 Alan Collins Statue [59]
The Holy Family statue by Kenneth Hughes in March 2011.jpg
The Holy Family Cathedral Street 1981 Kenneth Hughes Sculptural group [60]
Opus Nancy Sear Building (Morley College), King Edward Walk 1982–1983 Wendy Taylor Sculpture [61]
The Southwark Gateway Needle.jpg

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Southwark Gateway Needle London Bridge, at south end

51°30′22″N 0°05′17″W / 51.5062°N 0.0881°W / 51.5062; -0.0881 (Southwark Gateway Needle)
1999 Eric Parry Sculpture [62]
More London (416993451).jpg

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Couple More London Place 2003 Stephan Balkenhol Statues [63][64]
More London Place - panoramio (1).jpg

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Full Stop More London 2003 Fiona Banner Sculptures [63][64]
Evergreen by David Batchelor in March 2011 01.jpg

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Evergreen The Queen's Walk (More London) 2003 David Batchelor Sculpture [63][64]
Southwark Cathedral, London (4237404776).jpg
Memorial to Mahomet Weyonomon Churchyard of Southwark Cathedral 2006 Peter Randall-Page Sculpture Unveiled 22 November 2006 by Elizabeth II.[65]
Blue man borough london.jpg
Blue Men Maya House, Borough High Street 2007 Ofra Zimbalista Architectural sculpture
The Statue of John Keats in the London Borough of Southwark.jpg

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Statue of John Keats Guy's Hospital 2007 Stuart Williamson Statue [58]
Statue of Simon Milton, Southwark (02).jpg
Statue of Simon Milton Outside One Tower Bridge 2016 Philip Jackson Statue
Corten Head sculpture by Sokari Douglas Camp.jpg
Corten Head Africa Centre, 66 Great Suffolk Street 2017 Sokari Douglas Camp Sculpture
Giant ants at Vinegar Yard.jpg
Blue Moon Vinegar Yard, corner of St Thomas Street and Fenning Street

51°30′10″N 0°05′03″W / 51.5029°N 0.0841°W / 51.5029; -0.0841 (Blue Moon)
2019 Joe Rush and the Mutoid Waste Company Sculpture A train carriage with ants formed from repurposed scrap metal crawling over it.[66][67]


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