The following 25 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 54th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The highlighted titles were the five nominated films, which came from Italy, Japan, Poland and Switzerland. Hungary won the award with the film Mephisto.[1]

The Soviet Union submitted a 2-hour documentary on the 1980 Moscow Olympics, which the United States had boycotted two years before.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Argentina The Underground Man Spanish El Hombre del Subsuelo Nicolás Sarquís Not nominated
 Austria Der Bockerer German Der Bockerer Franz Antel Not nominated
 Belgium Le Grand Paysage d'Alexis Droeven French Le Grand paysage d'Alexis Droeven Jean-Jacques Andrien Not nominated
 Canada Les Plouffe French Les Plouffe Gilles Carle Not nominated
 Czechoslovakia The Divine Emma Czech Božská Ema Jiří Krejčík Not nominated
 Egypt People on the Top Arabic أهل القمة Aly Badrakhan Not nominated
 Finland Sign of the Beast Finnish Pedon Merkki Jaakko Pakkasvirta Not nominated
 France Diva French Diva Jean-Jacques Beineix Not nominated
 West Germany Lili Marleen German Lili Marleen Rainer Werner Fassbinder Not nominated
 Greece The Man with the Carnation Greek Ο άνθρωπος με το γαρίφαλο Nikos Tzimas Not nominated
 Hungary Mephisto Hungarian, German Mephisto István Szabó Won Academy Award
 Iceland Outlaw: The Saga of Gisli Icelandic Útlaginn Ágúst Guðmundsson Not nominated
 Israel A Thousand Little Kisses Hebrew אלף נשיקות קטנות Mira Recanati Not nominated
 Italy Three Brothers Italian Tre Fratelli Francesco Rosi Nominated
 Japan Muddy River Japanese 泥の川 Kōhei Oguri Nominated
 Mexico Mojado Power Spanish Mojado Power Alfonso Arau Not nominated
 Netherlands Come-Back! Dutch Come-Back Jonne Severijn Not nominated
 Norway Julia Julia Norwegian Julia Julia Petter Vennerød and Svend Wam Not nominated
 Poland Man of Iron Polish Człowiek z żelaza Andrzej Wajda Nominated
 Soviet Union O, Sport, You – the Peace! Russian О спорт, ты - мир! Yuri Ozerov Not nominated
 Spain National Heritage Spanish Patrimonio nacional Luis García Berlanga Not nominated
 Sweden Children's Island Swedish Barnens ö Kay Pollak Not nominated
  Switzerland The Boat Is Full German Das Boot ist Voll Markus Imhoof Nominated
 Taiwan If I Were for Real Chinese 假如我是真的 Wang Toon Not nominated
 Yugoslavia Do You Remember Dolly Bell? Serbo-Croatian Sjećaš li se Dolly Bell? Emir Kusturica Not nominated


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