Canadian director Denys Arcand won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for The Barbarian Invasions.

The following 56 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 76th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film which took place in 2004. The bolded titles were the five nominated films.

Films were submitted by Mongolia, Palestine and Sri Lanka for the first time. Palestine had tried to submit a film the year before, but was prevented from doing so by the Academy which said that Palestine was not a country and had no recognized Film Board. The Academy subsequently changed its mind saying that although Palestine was not a recognized country, they would make "an exception" in the interests of inclusiveness.[1]

The Film Federation of India announced that their selection committee had been unable to find a suitable film to send to the Oscars and so declined to send an entry. This left India out of the race for the first time in over a decade.[2] Also notable by their first absence in over ten years was Switzerland (though they were disqualified in 1994). Canadian director Denys Arcand won the award for The Barbarian Invasions.[3]


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Original title Language(s) Director(s) Result
 Afghanistan Osama أسامة Dari Siddiq Barmak Not nominated
 Argentina Valentín Valentín Spanish Alejandro Agresti Not nominated
 Armenia Vodka Lemon[4] Vodka Lemon Kurdish, Russian,
Hiner Saleem Not nominated
 Austria Free Radicals Böse Zellen German Barbara Albert Not nominated
 Belgium Sea of Silence Verder dan de maan Dutch Stijn Coninx Not nominated
 Bolivia Sexual Dependency Dependencia Sexual Spanish, English Rodrigo Bellott Not nominated
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Fuse Gori vatra Serbo-Croatian Pjer Žalica Not nominated
 Brazil Carandiru Carandiru Portuguese Héctor Babenco Not nominated
 Bulgaria Journey to Jerusalem Пътуване към Йерусалим Bulgarian Ivan Nitchev Not nominated
 Canada The Barbarian Invasions Les Invasions barbares French Denys Arcand Won Academy Award[3]
 Chile Los Debutantes Los Debutantes Spanish Andrés Waissbluth Not nominated
 China Warriors of Heaven and Earth 天地英雄 Mandarin He Ping Not nominated
 Colombia The First Night La Primera Noche Spanish Luis Alberto Restrepo Not nominated
 Croatia Witnesses Svjedoci Serbo-Croatian Vinko Brešan Not nominated
 Cuba Suite Habana Suite Habana No dialogue Fernando Pérez Not nominated
 Czech Republic Želary Želary Czech Ondřej Trojan Nominated[5]
 Denmark Reconstruction Reconstruction Danish Christoffer Boe Not nominated
 Egypt Sleepless Nights سهر الليالى Arabic Hany Khalifa Not nominated
 Finland Elina: As If I Wasn't There Elina - Som om jag inte fanns (Swedish)
Näkymätön Elina (Finnish)
Swedish, Finnish Klaus Härö Not nominated
 France Bon Voyage Bon Voyage French Jean-Paul Rappeneau Not nominated
 Germany Good Bye, Lenin! Good Bye, Lenin! German Wolfgang Becker Not nominated
 Greece Think It Over Θα το Μετανιώσεις Greek Katerina Evangelakou Not nominated
 Hong Kong Infernal Affairs 無間道 Cantonese Andrew Lau and Alan Mak Not nominated
 Hungary Forest Rengeteg Hungarian Benedek Fliegauf Not nominated
 Iceland Noi the Albino Nói Albínói Icelandic Dagur Kári Not nominated
 Indonesia The Stringless Violin Biola tak berdawai Indonesian Sekar Ayu Asmara Not nominated
 Iran Deep Breath نفس عمیق Persian Parviz Shahbazi Not nominated
 Israel Nina's Tragedies האסונות של נינה Hebrew Savi Gabizon Not nominated
 Italy I'm Not Scared Io non ho paura Italian Gabriele Salvatores Not nominated
 Japan The Twilight Samurai たそがれ清兵衛 Japanese Yoji Yamada Nominated[5]
 South Korea Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring 봄, 여름, 가을, 겨울 그리고 봄 Korean Kim Ki-duk Not nominated
 Lebanon The Kite Le Cerf-Volant (French)
طيّارة من ورق (Arabic)
Arabic Randa Chahal Not nominated
 Luxembourg I Always Wanted to Be a Saint J'ai toujours voulu être une sainte French Geneviève Mersch Not nominated
 Mexico Aro Tolbukhin Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino Spanish Isaac Pierre Racine, Lydia Zimmermann
and Agustí Villaronga
Not nominated
 Mongolia The Story of the Weeping Camel Ингэний нулимс Mongolian Byambasuren Davaa and Luigi Falorni Not nominated
   Nepal Muna Madan मुनामदन Nepal Gyanendra Deuja Not nominated
 Netherlands Twin Sisters De Tweeling Dutch, German Ben Sombogaart Nominated[5]
 Norway Kitchen Stories Salmer fra kjøkkenet Norwegian, Swedish Bent Hamer Not nominated
 Palestine Divine Intervention يد إلهية Arabic, Hebrew Elia Suleiman Not nominated
 Peru Paper Dove Paloma de Papel Spanish Fabrizio Aguilar Not nominated
 Philippines Dekada '70 Dekada '70 Filipino Chito S. Roño Not nominated
 Poland Pornography Pornografia Polish Jan Jakub Kolski Not nominated
 Portugal A Talking Picture Um Filme Falado Portuguese, French, Italian,
Greek, English
Manoel De Oliveira Not nominated
 Russia The Return Возвращение Russian Andrei Zvyagintsev Not nominated
 Serbia and Montenegro The Professional Професионалац Serbian Dušan Kovačević Not nominated
 Slovakia King of Thieves König der Diebe German, Russian Ivan Fíla Not nominated
 Slovenia Spare Parts Rezervni deli Slovene Damjan Kozole Not nominated
 Sri Lanka Mansion by the Lake Wekande Walauwa Sinhala Lester James Peries Not nominated
 Spain Soldados de Salamina Soldados de Salamina Spanish David Trueba Not nominated
 Sweden Evil Ondskan Swedish Mikael Håfström Nominated[5]
 Taiwan Goodbye, Dragon Inn 不散 Mandarin, Taiwanese Tsai Ming-Liang Not nominated
 Thailand Last Life in the Universe เรื่องรัก น้อยนิด มหาศาล Thai, Japanese Pen-ek Ratanaruang Not nominated
 Turkey Distant Uzak Turkish Nuri Bilge Ceylan Not nominated
 Ukraine Mamay Мамай Ukrainian Oles Sanin Not nominated
 Uruguay Seawards Journey El Viaje hacia el mar Spanish Guillermo Casanova Not nominated
 Venezuela Sangrador Sangrador Spanish Leonardo Henríquez Not nominated


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