Parallax Studio
Key people
J. Allen Williams, CEO

Parallax Studio is an American animation studio based in Nixa, Missouri, created by J. Allen Williams.[1] The company is most known for the production of the science fiction computer game Darkstar: The Interactive Movie,[2] which starred the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000[3] the actor Clive Robertson,[4] and the actor Peter Graves in his final released work. The game also featured designs by the comic artist Richard Corben,[5] Darkstar was released November 5, 2010 through Strategy First, company website, and later in stores through Lace Mamba Global in 2011.[6]

On March 10, 2012, Parallax Studio announced via Facebook starting pre-production on a full-length fantasy film Everything.[7][8] The company later ran a Kickstarter to raise additional funds for the film.[9]

In 2020, Parallax Studio announced production on a second independent film To Meet the Faces You Meet, based on the underground comic Fever Dreams by Jan Strnad and Richard Corben, featuring the voice of Patton Oswalt.[10] On July 20, 2020, it was announced that the actors Patrick Warburton and Samuel Hunt had joined the cast.[11][12] In September 2020, it was announced that Robert Picardo had also joined the cast.[13]



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