Splash Entertainment, LLC.
FormerlyMike Young Productions, Inc. (1990–2009)
MoonScoop Entertainment, LLC (2009–2013)
Taffy Entertainment (2004–2009)
Company typePrivate
Television series
Motion pictures
PredecessorsCrest Animation Productions
MoonScoop Group
FoundedMarch 2, 1990; 33 years ago (1990-03-02)
FoundersMike Young
Liz Young
Bill Schultz
Key people
Mike Young (co-CEO)
Steve Rosen (co-CEO)
Liz Young (President)
CyberSplash Entertainment (50%)

Splash Entertainment, LLC. (formerly known as Mike Young Productions, Inc. and MoonScoop Entertainment, LLC) is an American animation studio that produces children's TV series. Splash also controls the streaming service Kabillion.[1]


Independent era (1990–2005)

The studio was originally owned and operated by three animation producers, husband and wife Mike and Liz Young,[1] and Bill Schultz (6 seasons of The Simpsons, Garfield and Friends, Bobby's World).[2] The studio makes both traditional 2D and 3D computer animation.

The company launched a self-distribution unit in 2002.

On March 29, 2004, the company launched Taffy Entertainment, which would become the company's rights management and worldwide distribution subsidiary.[3] Taffy soon launched a licensing unit in August.[4]

Acquired by MoonScoop and rebranding (2006–2013)

In October 2005, MoonScoop Group acquired a 51% majority stake in both MYP and Taffy, with Mike Young (through Mike Young Productions, Inc.) retaining a 49% stake.[5] In March 2009, MoonScoop announced that both units would be rebranded under the MoonScoop brand.[6][7] with Mike Young Productions and Taffy Entertainment rebranding as MoonScoop Entertainment, LLC.[8]

Management buyout (2013–2022)

MoonScoop Entertainment, LLC.'s parent company, MoonScoop Group, entered administration in Paris courts in July 2013, but this did not affect the operations of the US company.[9] In November, Mike Young filed a $5 million lawsuit against MoonScoop's US holding division for a violation of contract, deeming that his business attempted to purchase out MoonScoop Group's stake in MoonScoop Entertainment, LLC., but wouldn't let him do so. Young also claimed that he was completely unaware of MoonScoop Group's financial issues.[10]

On January 27, 2014, Dargaud, through their fully-owned subsidiary Ellipsanime, purchased MoonScoop's assets,[11] and a week later on February 3, Mike Young purchased out Ellipsanime's 51% share in MoonScoop Entertainment, LLC., and rebranded the company as Splash Entertainment, LLC.[1]

Partnership with Cyber Group Studios (2022–present)

On June 13, 2022, Splash Entertainment announced they would form a joint-venture with French studio Cyber Group Studios called CyberSplash Entertainment.[12] The two companies expanded their partnership in February 2023 to include worldwide distribution rights to Splash's TV catalog.[13]


Television series

Feature films and specials



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