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Mondo Media, Inc.
FormerlyMechadeus (1993–1996)
Company typePrivate
Founded1988; 36 years ago (1988)
FoundersJohn Evershed
Deirdre O'Malley
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
Key people
Brendan Burch (CEO)
Deirdre O'Malley (DBD)
Christina Chavez (CMO)
Douglas S. Kay (CFO)
SubsidiariesMondo Mojo
Mondo Studios
6 Point Harness, Mondo Media's production label for film and television

Mondo Media is an American multimedia company that mainly produces online animation aimed at teens and young adults. It was founded in 1988 by John Evershed and Deirdre O'Malley in San Francisco, California.[1]

Before Mondo Mini Shows, the company initially created content for various tech companies, before developing two video games, Critical Path in 1993 and The Daedalus Encounter in 1995, under the name Mechadeus. In the latter half of the 1990s, Mondo refocused on producing internet-based animation, which became the company's main business.

Mondo's most successful and popular shows are Happy Tree Friends, which has since spawned a multimedia franchise;[2] and Dick Figures, which was adapted into a feature-length film and was nominated for an Annie Award.[3]

According to AdAge Magazine in January 2013, Mondo Media was the top-ranked and all-time most popular YouTube channel, with 1.3 billion views and 1.3 million subscribers.[4]


In 2013, Canadian channel Bite teamed up with Mondo Media and YouTube to create Bite on Mondo, a program in which content creators pitched ideas for new shows. The pitches are funded through Mondo and use YouTube's popularity to decide whether or not they will be picked up. The winning pitches were broadcast on Bite on August 29, 2014.[5][6]

In October 2014, parent company Blue Ant Media, along with Mondo Media and Corus Entertainment announced that Teletoon would air a new series featuring shorts from the program. It was expected to premiere in 2016 on Teletoon at Night, but instead premiered on September 4, 2015 as Night Sweats on Adult Swim Canada.

In 2015, Mondo Media produced the sketch comedy series Like, Share, Die for Fusion, consisting of several short segments and episodes of Mondo-produced web series.

On September 19, 2016, it was announced that 6 Point Harness will be merged with Mondo Media, with Mondo Media as the surviving entity; Mondo would produce its television shows with the 6 Point Harness label, while maintaining their original name for consumer-facing activities and distribution of their web series.[7] 6 Point Harness' founder and CEO Brendan Burch would replace John Evershed as the CEO of Mondo Media, though Evershed remains on the board of directors of the company.[8]

In May 2019, El Rey Network aired an anthology of Mondo series called the Mondo Animation Hour.[citation needed]

Television shows

Mondo Media

Title Year(s) Network
Happy Tree Friends 2006 G4
Like, Share, Die 2015 Fusion TV
Night Sweats 2015 Adult Swim
Gary and His Demons 2018–present VRV (season 1)
Amazon Prime Video (season 2)

6 Point Harness

Main article: 6 Point Harness

Web series

Title Year(s) Created by Description
4th Period Lunch 2012 Ilana Cohn and Tyler Spiers[9] Seven episodes aired during November and December 2012.
Archeologists 2014–present Bart Batchelor and Chris Nielsen[10] Prologue series to World Doctors.
Allen's Pole 2018 Kevin Lee 4 episodes aired on VRV has been release on YouTube in 2020
Absolute Zero 2003-2004 Sandy Smallens and Vivian Barad 6 episode Release on Mondo Website
The Alien Guide To Earth 2019 Chris Korwawski & 1a4 Studio 10 episodes aired on VRV after release on YouTube
Bad Hybrid 2012 Animax Interactive[11] Six episodes aired between May and September 2012.
Baman Piderman 2009–2012; 2014–present Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera[12] 2 seasons of episodes aired and was often seen as one of Mondo's most popular shows. The creators co-operated on the series, Dick Figures.
Bedfellows 2013–present Rob Schuldt, Kris Patrick[13] Various episodes have been shown on Mondo's channel after originally appearing on the Bedfellows channel.
BigFish 2009 -[14] Five episodes aired between July and September 2009.
Billy and the Bitch 2012 Dave Carter[15] Nine episodes, including a claymation Christmas special, aired between March and December 2012.
Black and White 2009 John Izen[14] 41 episodes aired between February and July 2009.
Brogan: Master Of Castles 2019-present House Of Ten 6 episodes aired On VRV after pilot Release on YouTube
Bubbles and Me 2012 Hamilton Craig and Brian Muelhaupt[16] A pilot was shown in May 2012, and two following episodes aired in September and October the same year.
Candy Hole 2009–2010 Brian Frisk[17] Six episodes aired between May 2009 and October 2010.
Cat Slap 2009–2010; 2012 Alan Foreman[18] Six episodes aired between September 2009 and April 2010, with an additional episode shown May 2012.
Chainmail Bikini Squad 2012 Melanie Albert and Geremy Walker[19] Seven episodes aired between May and October 2012.
Daddy and the Big Boy 2018–present Bart Batchelor & Chris Nielsen Premiered on VRV in March 2018, before being uploaded to YouTube on November 11.
Deep Space 69 2012–present Daniel Cardenas[20] Thirty-nine episodes have been shown, over the course of four seasons. Deep Space 69 is currently one of the main shows on Mondo.
Destructo Box 2011–ongoing Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin[21] Season one, containing 27 full episodes, have been shown during 2011. Season two was announced but as of 2016 has either been scrapped or in Development hell. Reinisch and McLaughlin's first Mondo series, before Game Program Attack.
Dick Figures 2010–2015 Ed Skudder and Zack Keller[22] Five full seasons have been shown. Dick Figures: The Movie is the first feature-length film co-produced and released by Mondo. Mondo also made a launch party for said movie.
Dirty Shorts 2012 Dan Avidan Mondo's only live action show.
DJs in PJs 2012 Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht[23] Two episodes aired during June and July 2012.
Dr. Tran 2008–2010 Breehn Burns and Jason Johnson[24] Ten episodes aired during 2009 (the earliest episode "Here Comes Dr. Tran!" was created in 2003), followed by seven episodes of Dr. Tran Fan Mail shown in 2009 and 2010. Aired on G4's Late Night Peep Show.
Emergency 411 2010 Tim Heiderich[25] Two episodes aired in April 2010.
Fan Art Fridays 2013 Mondo Media[26] 10 episodes aired between February and May 2013. Exclusive to the Mondo Media website.
Fanboy Rampage 2010 Davor Bujakovic and Junaid Chundrigar[27] Three episodes aired during September and October 2010.
Forest City Rockers 2010 Jim Dirschberger and Jay Howell[28] Three episodes aired during June and July 2010.
Fot & Angus 2011–2012 Alex Dron[29] Eight episodes aired between May 2011 and August 2012.
Fuggy Fuggy 2009–2010 Greg McLeod and Myles McLeod[30] Eight episodes aired between February 2009 and January 2010.
Game Program Attack 2012 Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin[31] Thirteen episodes aired between April and November 2012. Reinisch and McLaughlin's second Mondo series, after Destructo Box.
Gary and His Demons 2018-present Mark Little and Mark Satterthwaite[32] Sixteen episodes aired between April and August 2018, Season 2 was released on Amazon Prime Canada
The God & Devil Show 1999–2001 Aubrey Ankrum[33] 43 episodes were created in 1999 and 2001, with ten being aired on YouTube in 2008.
Goodbye Kitty 2011 Todd Goldman[34] Ten episodes aired September and December 2011.
Goodwin VS Badwin 2012 Joshua Bowen and Peter Burton[35] Eight episodes aired between March and November 2012. Bowen and Burton's first Mondo series, before Mrs. Brickles.
Gundarr 2011–2015 Corey McDaniel and Ted Wilson[35] 38 episodes were aired between 1 June 2011 and 25 November 2015. It is seen as one of Mondo's most popular shows.
Ham Radio 2012 Ryan Hernandez and Kurt Duggan[36] Five episodes aired between October and November 2012.
Happy Tree Friends 1999–present Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, and Kenn Navarro[37] The pioneer show for Mondo, with 194 regular episodes.
Hard Drinkin' Lincoln 2007 Mike Reiss[38] Two episodes aired in July 2007.
Heavy Metal Guy 2007–2009 Jason Sadler[39] Three episodes aired between March 2007 and March 2009.
High Kittie 2010–2011 Gary Doodles[40] Two episodes aired during December 2010 and January 2011.
Inspector Beaver 2002 David Feiss[41] Two episodes aired during 2002.
Joe Cartoon 1998–present Joseph C. Shields[42][43] Began being shown on Mondo's website in 2012. Originally aired on Mondo as early as 2009.
KA-POW! 2009 Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo and Kenn Navarro[44] Spin-off to Happy Tree Friends. Six episodes have been shown during February and March 2009.
Kung Fu Karl 2012–2013 Mike Parker and Michael William[45] 27 episodes have been shown between February 2012 and June 2013.
LarkMart 2010 Aaron Simpson[46] Four episodes aired between February and July 2010.
Larva Animation 2012-2014 Synergy Media[47] Over 91 episodes have aired between the 2010s.
Like News 2008 (made around 1999–2001) Don Asmussen[48] Eleven episodes aired during October and November 2008. Around 1999–2001, some of them aired on various websites.
Merci Satan 2012[49] Four episodes aired between July and September 2012.
Mrs. Brickles 2012 Joshua Bowen and Peter Burton[50] Three episodes aired during June and July 2012. Bowen and Burton's second Mondo series, after Goodwin VS Badwin.
Mr. Wong 2009–2010 Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch[51] Five three-part episodes aired April 2009 and March 2010.
NewsHit 2012 Nick denBoer & Davy Force[52] 12 episodes aired between January and October 2012.
Oliver Age 24 2013 Oliver Hindle[53] Mondo Partnered channel began airing February 2013.
Off The Curb 2012 Carlos Alazraqui, Cedric Yarbrough, John Di Maggio, Fred Tatasciore and Gary Anthony Williams[54] Five episodes aired between July and October 2012. Stars the voices of Carlos Alazraqui, Cedric Yarbrough, John DiMaggio, Fred Tatasciore and Gary Anthony Williams[54]
Parenthesis Humor 2015 Stephen Sloan[55] Three episodes aired between August and December 2015.
Papercuts 2012 Alex Horan and Johnny Chew[56] Three episodes aired between May and August 2012.
Piki & Poko: Adventures in StarLand 1999-2000 David Cutler and Mark Ewert[57] 29 episodes aired from 1999 to 2000.
Poker Night 2007–2010 Rob Greenberg and Bill Corbett[58] Four episodes aired between February 2007 and April 2010.
Post Nuclear Family 2012 Rich Moyer[59] Seven episodes aired between March and October 2012.
Raised By Zombies 2012–2013 Mati Chavez[60] Seven episodes aired between August 2012 and June 2013.
Sketched Out 2012 Mondo Media[61] A series of seven episodes aired during August and September 2012, with how-to draw tutorials by various Mondo Media creators.
Skill Me Now 2012 Dan Milano[62] Six episodes aired between May and September 2012.
Super Celery Man 2012 Kieran Sugrue[63] Four episodes aired between March and July 2012, followed by a Christmas special on December that year.
TAC 2010 Michel Beaudet[64] English dub of Têtes à claques. Eight episodes aired between March and October 2010.
Thugs on Film 2007 (made around 1999–2001) Dan Todd[65] Originally was available to watch in its entirety on the Mondo Mini Shows website throughout 1999-2001.[66][67]

Five episodes aired on YouTube throughout 2007-2008.

Trailer Trash 2011 Max Benator and Todd Goldman[68] Fourteen episodes aired between June and December 2011.
Trapped in Technology 2012 Rob Manuel[69] Five episodes aired during June and August 2012.
Turbo Fantasy 2012; 2018 David Ferguson[70] Seven episodes aired between May and December 2012. A 2nd season premiered on VRV on August 27, 2018.
Video Game Therapist 2012 Mike McCafferty[71] Three episodes aired between June and November 2012.
World Doctors 2014–2015 Bart Batchelor & Chris Nielsen[72] 25 episodes have aired to date, in addition to many short supplemental videos including World Doctors Outreach.
Zombie College 2008–2010 Eric Kaplan[73] Eleven episodes aired between October 2009 and November 2010. Features the voice talent of David Herman (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-head), Pamela Segall (King of the Hill, Recess), John DiMaggio (Futurama, Adventure Time) and Billy West (Futurama, The Ren & Stimpy Show).

Failed pilots

Show Pilot Name Year(s)
Ad Wizards "Pilot"[74] 2012
Book Em Nerdo "Forget it, Ryu. It's Chinatown"[75] 2012
Dallas Heck "Pilot"[76] 2012
Duck Weed "The Boonies"[77] 2012
Epic Comments "Happy Tree Friends"[78] 2012
Explosion Force "Pilot"[79] 2012
Frankly Frank "My Eyes are Up Here"[80] 2012
Going Nowhere "Teen Wolf Lady Magnet"[81] 2012
I, Pineapple "Pilot"[82] 2012
Miami Mermaids "Pilot"[83] 2012
Neanderlulz "Pilot"[84] 2012
Slash 'Em "Pilot"[85] 2012
Star Jerks "Pilot"[86] 2012
Suck Tower "The Suck"[87] 2012
SUPERSTUPID "Pilot"[88] 2012
Vileville "Pilot"[89] 2012
Villain Complex "Pilot"[90] 2012
Work Horse "Busted"[91] 2012
Youth Troop Tommy "Pilot"[92] 2012

Feature films

Title Year(s) Director(s) Co-production companies Notes
Dick Figures: The Movie 2013 Ed Skudder
Zack Keller
Six Point Harness
Aachi & Ssipak 2014 Jo Beom-jin (original version)
Ed Skudder
Zack Keller (English dub)
Studio 2.0
JTeam Studios
English dub only
Untitled Happy Tree Friends film TBA TBA Home Plate Entertainment In development[93]
Untitled Dick Figures: The Movie sequel TBA Ed Skudder
Zack Keller
In development[94]
Untitled Deep Space 69 film TBA TBA In development[95]

Graphic and art design

Show/Channel Year(s) Creator/Developer/Publisher Description
Zoog Disney 1998–2002 Drew Takahashi[96] Programming block produced for Disney Channel. First season co-produced with Colossal Pictures.
Centipede 1998/1999 Leaping Lizard Software
Hasbro Interactive
Video Game.[97][98]

Video games

Title Year(s) Publishers/Co-developer(s) Platform(s)
Critical Path 1993 Media Vision Microsoft Windows, Macintosh
The Daedalus Encounter 1995 Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, 3DO
Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm 2008 Stainless Games
Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby 2014 iOS
The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition 2023 Ravenage Games
Vixa Games
Epic Games
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch


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