Textures in Ivan Marchuk's paintings "The Village in the Moonlight" (1984), "The Moon Rises Over the Dnipro" (1980), "And the Earth Was Covered with Snow" (1984)

Pliontanism (from the Western Ukrainian dialectism пльонтати - to weave, intertwine[1][2][3][4]) is a painting technique in which thin intertwined lines merge into an image, have a dense texture and consist of web-like layers of paint.[5]


The author's technique "Pliontanism" was invented by the Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk. This technique was first used in a landscape painting in 1972.[3][6][7]

Its uniqueness lies in the application of paint (mainly tempera and acrylic) with thin colored lines that intertwine at different angles, which achieves the effect of volume and glow, spiritualization of images.[8] Given the complexity of masterful execution and laboriousness, it is actually not reproducible.[9][10]

Later, Pliontanism acquired the meaning of the author's creative method — an original system of world perception, as well as its transmission on canvas, which is characterized by asymmetry of rhythmic reductions in color and strokes, metaphorical and symbolism, deformation of images, which achieves the effect of the culminating tension of static images; concentration around the themes of existence, human existence, his place in the world and problems of self-knowledge.[6]

Gallery of works

No. Picture Name Technique Dimensions
1. Night in the steppe Tempera on cardboard 58 х 70 1984
2. Charms of the moonlit night Acrylic paint on canvas 100 х 130 2005
3. The sun rose over the Dnipro Acrylic paint on canvas 100 х 130 2003
4. The sun played its rhythms Acrylic paint on canvas 100 х 120 2003
5. The sun walks near the house Tempera on cardboard 50 х 64 1982
6. The Star of the Night Came On Tempera on canvas 76 х 76 1990
7. Spring waters Tempera on canvas 80 х 100 1982
8. Winter in Kaniv Acrylic paint on canvas 60 х 80 2007
9. Last Ray Tempera on cardboard 50 х 72 1979
10. Quiet Over the River Tempera on cardboard 58 х 70 1978
11. Houses illuminated by moonlight Tempera on cardboard 40 х 30 1983
12. Rays of the morning sun Acrylic paint on canvas 56 х 71 2005
13. The shadows on the road Acrylic paint on canvas 60 х 80 2004

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