Coordinates: 41°53′33″N 12°29′2″E / 41.89250°N 12.48389°E / 41.89250; 12.48389

Porticus Deorum Consentium.
Porticus Deorum Consentium.

The Porticus Deorum Consentium (Italian: Portico degli Dei Consenti; English: Portico of the Harmonious Gods), sometimes known as the Area of the Dii Consentes, is an ancient structure located at the bottom of the ancient Roman road that leads up to the Capitol in Rome, Italy. The Clivus Capitolinus ("Capitoline Rise") turned sharply at the head of the Forum Romanum where this portico of marble and composite material was discovered and re-erected in 1835.

It was last rebuilt in 367 AD and was thus the last functioning pagan shrine in the Forum (such shrines had been forbidden by law more than a decade earlier). The Portico housed twelve recessed rooms where it is believed the judicial clerks of the Capitoline Assent held their offices.[1]

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