Torre dei Capocci
Capocci Tower in Rome
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General information
LocationRome, Italy
Coordinates41°53′42″N 12°29′51″E / 41.8949°N 12.4976°E / 41.8949; 12.4976

Torre dei Capocci (Engl.: "The Tower of the Capocci") is a tower at San Martino ai Monti square in Rome, Italy.[1]


Torre dei Capocci, along with Torre dei Graziani, constitutes a kind of monumental entrance to top of the hill Esquilino.[2]


Built by the family of Arcioni in the 12th century, it afterwards went to the Capocci, a noble family from Viterbo. These erected around the tower a number of houses, which no longer exist, but which made the building a sort of citadel. The tower is 36 m (118 ft) high with seven floors, a square base, and windows framed in travertine. The terrace, bordered by a brick parapet, is edged by crenellated battlements on each side, and emerges at the output hopper of the staircase.


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