Purochan with Pandavas.jpg
Purochan with the Pandavas

Purochana (Sanskrit: पुरोचन) was an architect in the kingdom of Hastinapur and one of Duryodhana's trusted aides in the Indian epic Mahabharata.[1][2][3] He was also a minister under the Kauravas.[4]

He is better known as the villain who created the Lakshagraha under the orders of Duryodhana and his evil mentor Shakuni. Purochana himself perished in the fire meant to kill the Pandavas. In his previous life he was born as Prahasta who was a powerful Rakshasa warrior, and chief commander of Ravanas army of Lanka. In both his births he has been the minister of the Villains of the time.[5]


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