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StateUttar Pradesh

Purvanchal (lit.'Eastern region') basically means the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh.

It primarily consists of the Bhojpuri region of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

It is a proposed state in the state of Uttar Pradesh for which people of this area have been fighting for quite some time.[when?]

Since the late 20th century, there has been a demand for a separate Purvanchal state, carved out of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The region remains one of the most underdeveloped in India in terms of human development index and economic prosperity. Due to general lack of well-developed industries and employment opportunities, the region suffers significant brain drain.

Demand for separate state

People from the Bhojpuri region have demanded separate statehood for Purvanchal, with Varanasi or Gorakhpur as its capital[1] and Bhojpuri as the official language of Purvanchal state.


It is a predominantly Bhojpuri-speaking region.[20]

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