Sigma Tau Phi
The official coat of arms of Sigma Tau Phi
Founded1918; 104 years ago (1918)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
AffiliationNIC (former)
Colors  Blue and   Gold
PublicationSigma Tau Phi Record
Chapters7 at time of merger
Members1000+ lifetime
Merged withAlpha Epsilon Pi (1947)

Sigma Tau Phi (ΣΤΦ) was a historically Jewish Fraternity founded in 1918 and which merged into Alpha Epsilon Pi (ΑΕΠ) in 1947.


Sigma Tau Phi was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1918. It originally only admitted men in the fields of Engineering and Architecture, which restricted its expansion, but it admitted all men after its expansion to University of Cincinnati. It became a Junior member of the National Interfraternity Conference in 1930. The membership as of 1945 was 1000. It merged with Alpha Epsilon Pi in March 1947.[1][2][3]

Chapter List

The chapters of Sigma Tau Phi were:[1]

Merger with Alpha Epsilon Pi

On March 22, 1947 the Alpha chapter was merged with Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. The Beta chapter became Omicron Deuteron of AEPi, the Gamma colony became Pi Deuteron at chartering, the Delta chapter became Rho Deuteron. Of the remaining chapters, AEPi agreed to make efforts to reactivate the chapters at Dickinson and Temple but not the one at NYU as there was an active AEPi group there at the time. Alpha Pi chapter of AEPi established at Temple University in 1956 is considered to be a reactivation of Zeta chapter.[2] In addition, the Sigma Tau Phi Alumni Clubs in Wilmington, Delaware and Cincinnati Ohio were granted charters with Alpha Epsilon Pi.[2]


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