Tau Delta Phi
Tau Delta Phi coat of arms.png
FoundedJune 22, 1910; 112 years ago (June 22, 1910)
City College of New York
Colors  Navy blue and   White
FlowerWhite Chrysanthemum
PublicationThe Pyramid
Headquarters1050 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036
WebsiteOfficial website

Tau Delta Phi (ΤΔΦ), whose members are commonly known as Tau Delts, is a national social fraternity founded on June 22, 1910, in New York City. Since its inception, dozens of chapters have been founded and thousands of men initiated into its membership. Today, Tau Delta Phi fraternity operates five active chapters and colonies located primarily in the northeastern United States.



The predecessor to Tau Delta Phi was called Phi Sigma Beta, a high school fraternity founded on June 22, 1910.[1] First established as a local fraternity, Phi Sigma Beta started at the Community Center of the Greenwich section of New York as a fraternity for Jewish men who were otherwise barred from fraternity life at that time. The founders had attended DeWitt Clinton High School. The group maintained itself as a single unit until 1912, when it became necessary to split in into two divisions, eventually three. Matriculating to several colleges, Alex Siegel, Milt Goodfriend and Max Coyne entered the City College of New York, becoming the Alpha class, initiating themselves under the new name of Tau Delta Phi on July 16, 1914. That same year, Gus Schieb and Leo Epstein created the Beta class at the New York School of Dentistry. Maxime Klaye, Samuel Klaye, Ben Gray and Mac Goldman created the Gamma class at New York University's School of Commerce. These "classes" became the first chapters as the founders moved into the collegiate phase of their lives. [1][2]


  • Alexander B. Siegel
  • Milton J. Goodfriend
  • Maximilian A. Coyne
  • Gustave Schieb
  • Leo Epstein
  • Maxime Klaye
  • Samuel Klaye
  • Benjamin Gray
  • Maxwell S. Goldman[2]

Soon to follow were a string of new chapters formed, beginning with Delta chapter at Columbia University in 1916. While the initial focus was on the New York metropolitan area, by 1917 interest from men outside of the area sparked the move to become a national organization, with the establishment of Epsilon chapter at Boston University. The decade saw a steady increase in membership. The "Pyramid" grew and expansion took its course from a regional to a national level.[3][4]

By 1933 the fraternity had grown to nineteen chapters.[2]

In 1934, Tau Delta Phi absorbed several chapters from Omicron Alpha Tau, a smaller Jewish fraternity with similar ideals, also active primarily in the Northeast. These included chapters at Rutgers, NYU, and Cornell.[4][2]

Recent history

The fraternity notes several "firsts": While formed to provide a fraternal experience for Jewish men, Tau Delta Phi became the first NIC fraternity to integrate by welcoming all races, creeds, ethnicities, and religions (1945), and was the first to open membership to include transgender, gender fluid, and non-binary members (February 2021).

Ironically, the integration that Tau Delta Phi pioneered may have been a factor in chapter loss during the 1960's through 1990's. That period showed a marked contraction of chapters coinciding with the period's adoption of integration by virtually all, if not all, other national fraternities.[5][a]

Tau Delta Phi hired an executive director for the first time in decades, in 2012. Since that time staff and volunteers have spearheaded a number of expansion projects, aimed to rebuild the fraternity.[1]

Fraternity structure

The grand chapter of Tau Delta Phi Fraternity is the highest power. It convenes at every national convention and governs every aspect of the fraternity. It is composed of the executive council members, two delegates from each chartered chapter, the past living grand consuls, and one delegate from every alumni chapter in good standing.

The executive council is the board of directors of the fraternity. in between conventions, the Executive Council governs the fraternity. It is composed of all the grand officers and members of the board.

The Tau Delta Phi Management Company is a for-profit arm of the fraternity. It manages the finances of and provides support services to each House Corporation and issues a service contract for those services.

The Chapter House Corporation Each chapter should have a house corporation. House Corporations evaluate the property needs of each chapter and try to either rent, lease, or purchase a chapter house for each chapter. Each House Corporation has its own board of directors which are usually composed of fraters from their respective chapter.

The Tau Delta Phi Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the fraternity which seeks to support the educational mission of Tau Delta Phi and offer scholarships and grants to fraters of the fraternity.[4]

The executive council

The executive council of Tau Delta Phi is the supreme legislative authority between conventions. The board is composed of all the grand officers and the members of the board. The executive council is responsible for governing the fraternity and developing strategic plans to meet educational and brotherhood outcomes.[6][4]

The national office

In 2012, the executive council hired its first full-time professional executive director in three decades.[7] In 2014, the national office hired a graduate assistant and chapter consultant, who is able to visit chapters and colonies, and provide support for educational programs. The national office is host to the annual leadership conference, The Pyramid Leadership Institute.[8]


These are the chapters of Tau Delta Phi. Active chapters noted in bold, inactive chapters noted in italics. [4]

Name Chartered Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Alpha June 22, 1910–19xx ? City University of New York[b] New York, NY Dormant [c]
Beta June 22, 19101927 New York College of Dentistry (NYU)[b] New York, NY Merged [c][d]
Gamma June 22, 19101970, 19831988, 1992–20xx ?, 201x ?–20xx ? New York University[b] New York, NY Dormant Absorbed ΟΑΤ [c][e]
Delta 19161931, 194x ?–1949, 19831985 Columbia University New York, NY Dormant
Epsilon 19171951 Boston University Boston, MA Dormant
Zeta 19181929 Harvard University Cambridge, MA Dormant
Eta 19191929, 194x ?–1991+ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA Dormant [f]
Theta 19201933 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, IL Dormant
Iota 19201970 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Dormant
Kappa 19201928 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH Dormant
Lambda 19211935 University of Chicago Chicago, IL Dormant
Mu 19211923 Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Dormant
Nu 19221935, 19471968 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Dormant
Xi 19231968 Northwestern University Evanston, IL Dormant
Omicron 19241931 Ohio State University Columbus, OH Dormant [g]
Pi 19241975 University of Illinois Champaign, IL Dormant
Rho 19261975 University of Texas Austin, TX Dormant
Sigma 19271933, 19481967 University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Dormant
Tau 19271973 Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA Dormant [h]
Chi 19281969 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Dormant
Phi 19281952 University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN Dormant [i]
Upsilon 19291942 University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND Dormant
Psi 19291974 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Dormant [j]
Omega 19281952 University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Dormant
Tau Alpha 19331972 Colby College[k] Waterville, ME Dormant [l][9]
Tau Beta 19341971 Cornell University Ithaca, NY Dormant From ΟΑΤ [m]
Tau Gamma 19341976, 1993–199x ? Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ Dormant From ΟΑΤ [n]
Gamma Upsilon 19381958, 19621969 New York University (Heights)[o] West Bronx, NY Dormant [o]
Tau Delta 19471968 University of Arizona Tucson, AZ Dormant [p]
Tau Epsilon 1947–19xx ?, 19xx ? New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ Active [q]
Tau Zeta 1949–197x ? Syracuse University Syracuse, NY Dormant [r]
Tau Eta 19501968 Loyola University Chicago, IL Dormant
Tau Theta 19501959 Norwich University Northfield, VT Dormant [s]
Tau Iota 19511976, 2008–201x ? Rutgers University–Newark Newark, NJ Dormant [t]
Tau Kappa 19521973 Queens College, CUNY Queens, NY Dormant [u]
Tau Lambda 19521970 Alfred University Alfred, NY Dormant [v]
Tau Mu 19531971 University of Miami Coral Gables, FL Dormant [w]
Tau Nu 19521968 Hunter College, CUNY New York, NY Dormant [x]
Tau Xi 19561971 LIU Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY Dormant [y]
Tau Omicron 19561972 Temple University Philadelphia, PA Dormant [z]
Tau Pi 19571968 Roosevelt University Chicago, IL Dormant
Tau Rho 19571968 Brooklyn College, CUNY Brooklyn, NY Dormant [aa]
Tau Sigma 19621976 Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY Dormant [ab]
Tau Tau 19651973, 20092011 Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA Dormant [ac]
Tau Upsilon 19661971 Michigan State University East Lansing, MI Dormant [ad]
Tau Phi 1967–19xx ? Seton Hall University South Orange, NJ Dormant
Alpha Delta 1967–19xx ? Baruch College, CUNY New York, NY Dormant [ae]
Tau Chi 19681970 University of Illinois Chicago Chicago, IL Dormant
Tau Psi 19701971 LIU Post Brookville, NY Dormant [af]
Tau Omega 19691972 Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi Corpus Christi, TX Dormant [ag]
Delta Beta 19691973 University of Maryland College Park, MD Dormant [ah]
Delta Gamma 1969–19xx ? Widener University Chester, PA Dormant [ai]
Delta Delta 1969–200x ? NYU (Tandon Engineering) New York, NY Dormant
Delta Epsilon 1969–19xx ? William Paterson University Wayne, NJ Dormant [aj]
Delta Zeta 1976–200x ? SUNY, Farmingdale East Farmingdale, NY Dormant
Delta Eta 1975–200x ? Cooper Union New York, NY Dormant
Delta Theta 1992–200x ? SUNY, Stony Brook Stony Brook, NY Dormant [ak]
Delta Iota 19942022 ? Ramapo College Mahwah, NJ Dormant [al]
Delta Kappa 19952018 Stockton University Galloway Township, NJ Dormant
Delta Lambda 1998–200x ? Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA Dormant [am]
Delta Mu 2002–200x ? Polytechnic University ? Lakeland, FL ? Dormant [an]
Delta Nu 20042015 Christopher Newport University Newport News, VA Dormant [ao]
Delta Xi 20082012, 2022 Caldwell University Caldwell, NJ Active [ap]
Delta Omicron 20102012 George Mason University Fairfax County, VA Dormant [aq]
Delta Pi 2012–20xx ? Montclair State University Montclair, NJ Dormant [ar]
Delta Rho 2013 ? Kutztown University Kutztown, PA Active [as]
Delta Sigma 2014 Rowan University Glassboro, NJ Active [at]
Delta Tau 2014 Monmouth University West Long Branch, NJ Active [au]
Delta Upsilon 2015–20xx ? Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, AL Dormant [av]

The Wikipedia article for Omicron Alpha Tau lists a Marquette University chapter of that fraternity, noting it supposedly merged into Tau Delta Phi in 1934. But Baird's Archive has no listing of a Tau Delta Phi chapter at Marquette, in the ΤΔΦ article.


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