Pi Delta Psi
Pdpsi crest
FoundedFebruary 20, 1994; 28 years ago (1994-02-20)
Binghamton University
TypeCultural interest
EmphasisAsian American cultural awareness
Motto"Excellence Through Brotherhood"
Colors  Red
PublicationThe Dragon
PhilanthropyAsia Foundation
Chapters18 Active, 12 Inactive, 1 Alumni
Members3,000 lifetime
Headquarters176-25 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY 11366-1515

Pi Delta Psi (ΠΔΨ) is an Asian American-interest cultural fraternity founded at Binghamton University on February 20, 1994.[1] As of 2020, the organization listed over 3,000 lifetime members spanning 30 undergraduate chapters and 1 alumni chapter.[2][3]

This organization is a member of the National APIDA Panhellenic Association (NAPA).[4]


Pi Delta Psi fraternity was founded at Binghamton University (SUNY) on February 20, 1994. The fraternity's founding members were:

  • David Lee
  • Philip Hunt
  • Sammy Wong
  • Spencer Seto
  • Ronny Chow
  • Damien Lee
  • Thuan Luong
  • Chester Huang
  • Christopher Murata
  • Tracy B. Tabije
  • Michael Son [1]
An early picture of Pi Delta Psi's founding fathers, Binghamton University, winter 1996
An early picture of Pi Delta Psi's founding fathers, Binghamton University, winter 1996

A year after its founding, Pi Delta Psi was officially incorporated in the State of New York on April 19, 1995. After five years, the fraternity had grown too large for the informal Pi Delta Psi National Council to maintain. Thus in 1999, it was decided by the National Council to restructure itself in an effort to grow in proportion to the fraternity's expansion rate, standardize chapters nationwide, and increase inter-chapter cohesion. The National Council was also renamed the "National Executive Board" during that period.

After 25 years, Pi Delta Psi has expanded to 31 campuses spanning 14 states (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Florida, Washington, D.C., Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, and Georgia)[3]

Mission statement

Pi Delta Psi and its members seek to bring about Asian-American unity by breaking down cultural barriers amongst Asian communities by upholding and/or instilling the fraternity's pillars: academic achievement, cultural awareness, righteousness, friendship, and loyalty. Pi Delta Psi's mission statement also advocates an increase in education and awareness of Asian cultures as a means of overcoming racism.[5]

National events

National Convention

Brothers posing for a photo at Convention 3 at Rutgers University, Spring 2005.
Brothers posing for a photo at Convention 3 at Rutgers University, Spring 2005.

Pi Delta Psi holds an annual National Convention in the August of each year. The National Convention is a formal 2-day meeting of members where the National Executive Board meets and discusses relevant fraternity issues with active members from all chapters. Discussed issues involve an overview of the fraternity, creating general goals, and national expansion. Cultural, professional, and/or leadership workshops are also held. The location of each year's National Convention is usually determined at the previous convention and changes annually.

National Winter Conference

Pi Delta Psi holds an annual National Winter Conference during the month of January each year. The Winter Conference is a daylong leadership retreat where the National Executive Board meets and discusses relevant fraternity issues with representatives from each undergraduate chapters. The event is typically held in the New York metropolitan area.

National Summer Weekend

Pi Delta Psi holds an annual National Summer Weekend during the month of July each year. The National Summer Weekend is a 2-3 day series of events that includes the National Summer BBQ, National Summer Conference, and National Summer Banquet.

The National Summer BBQ is normally held at Alley Pond Park in Queens, New York, and includes sporting events and chapter fundraising activities.[6]

The National Summer Conference is a private half day event where the National Executive Board meets and discusses relevant fraternity issues with active chapter members. Elections for the following year's National Executive Board also takes place during this event. The Conference is normally held in the New York metropolitan area.

The National Summer Banquet is a formal dinner event for Pi Delta Psi members which is normally held near the location of the National Summer Conference. National announcements such as awards and scholarships are presented during this event.[6]

Cultural awareness

Brothers of Tau chapter performing their annual lion dance on campus.
Brothers of Tau chapter performing their annual lion dance on campus.

At the chapter level, each chapter is required to host a set number of cultural events on campus each year depending on the chapter's size; failure to achieve this annual criterion will result in the chapter losing its chapter status.[7][8][9]


Brothers posing with California's then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during a philanthropy event.
Brothers posing with California's then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during a philanthropy event.

The March of Dimes was named as the national philanthropy of Pi Delta Psi for 2009; the fraternity remains an official team youth partner.[10]

Formerly, Pi Delta Psi's national philanthropy was the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. All chapters were expected to work closely with the Big Brothers program in their own campus community. At the Chapter level, each chapter was required to participate in a set number of philanthropy events each year depending on the chapter's size; failure to achieve this annual criteria resulted in the chapter having its status revoked.[8]

Local chapter or member misconduct

Death of Michael Deng

In December 2013, prospective member Chun Hsien "Michael" Deng died from brain trauma due to hazing during an unsanctioned pledge event at the Baruch College chapter. Deng, 18 was a recent graduate of The Bronx High School of Science.[11] Deng and four other pledges wore 30 lb. backpacks filled with sand while members of the fraternity tackled them during a ritual known as "The Glass Ceiling," which represented Asian American struggle in the United States. Despite Deng becoming immediately unconscious, his fraternity brothers failed to call for emergency help, instead attempting to cover up the incident.[12] Baruch College responded by permanently banning the fraternity from their campus.[13]

Andy Meng, the former National Executive President for Pi Delta Psi said in a statement the incident happened during "an unsanctioned event that was strictly prohibited by our organization." After investigating the incident,[14] the fraternity revoked its affiliation with the Baruch chapter. Baruch also banned the fraternity from ever returning.[13] In February, 2014, the death was ruled a homicide, and the Monroe County district attorney expects to file charges after the investigation.[15] Deng's parent's had filed a lawsuit against the fraternity, including Mr. Meng, who is the younger brother of U.S. representative Grace Meng.[16] When Deng lost consciousness his fraternity brothers called Andy Meng who allegedly told them to conceal any evidence of the fraternity before calling the authorities.[17] On September 14, 2015, charges were filed against 37 members, including five for third-degree murder.[18] Andrew Meng is facing charges of hazing, conspiracy and hindering apprehension.[19]

On January 8, 2018, four men were sentenced to jail time as a result of the hazing incident subsequent to guilty pleas to charges of voluntary manslaughter, hindering apprehension and other charges.[20] Additionally, a Pennsylvania stated judge banned the national fraternity from operating in the state for ten years.[21]

Chapter locations

These are the chapters of Pi Delta Psi. Active chapters and colonies noted in bold, inactive chapters noted in italics. [3]

Map of Pi Delta Psi locations in the U.S. as of January 2014.
Map of Pi Delta Psi locations in the U.S. as of January 2014.
Greek Letter Designation Collegiate Institution Charter Date Status City U.S. State/District
Alpha Binghamton University February 20, 1994 Active Vestal New York
Beta SUNY Buffalo December 3, 1994 Active Buffalo New York
Gamma Hofstra University December 7, 1996 Inactive Hempstead New York
Delta Stony Brook University May 17, 1997 Active Stony Brook New York
Zeta New York University May 17, 1997 Active New York New York
Eta SUNY Albany December 13, 1997 Active Albany New York
Theta Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute December 13, 1997 Active Troy New York
Iota University of Rochester November 24, 1997 Inactive Rochester New York
Kappa Cornell University April 25, 1998 Active Ithaca New York
Lambda Rutgers University November 21, 1998 Inactive[22] New Brunswick New Jersey
Mu Ohio State University April 22, 2000 Active Columbus Ohio
Nu Carnegie Mellon University December 8, 2001 Inactive Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Xi University of Massachusetts Amherst November 24, 1999 Inactive Amherst Massachusetts
Omicron The George Washington University November 15, 2003 Active Washington District of Columbia
Pi University of Maryland at College Park November 13, 2004 Inactive College Park Maryland
Rho University of California, Riverside March 30, 2002 Inactive Riverside California
Sigma University of Florida November 13, 2004 Active Gainesville Florida
Tau Pennsylvania State University April 19, 2003 Active University Park Pennsylvania
Upsilon Rochester Institute of Technology November 18, 2006 Inactive Henrietta New York
Phi University of Central Florida April 7, 2008 Active Orlando Florida
Chi University of South Florida November 9, 2008 Active Tampa Florida
Psi St. John's University November 8, 2008 Inactive Queens New York
Omega University of Connecticut April 12, 2008 Active Storrs Connecticut
Alpha Alpha Northeastern University November 19, 2005 Active Boston Massachusetts
Alpha Beta Columbia University April 23, 2005 Inactive New York New York
Alpha Gamma George Mason University November 17, 2012 Active Fairfax Virginia
Alpha Delta University of Minnesota April 16, 2011 Active Minneapolis Minnesota
UCB Associate University of Colorado at Boulder December 6, 2009 Active Boulder Colorado
Baruch Colony CUNY Baruch December 5, 2010 Permanently Revoked New York New York
Berkeley Colony University of California, Berkeley December 4, 2011 Inactive Berkeley California
Georgia State Colony Georgia State University March 11, 2017 Active Atlanta Georgia


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