Sigma Omicron Epsilon
FoundedMarch 30, 1997; 26 years ago (March 30, 1997)
East Carolina University
EmphasisNative American
Colors  Yellow,   White and   Blue
FlowerYellow Rose
PublicationThe Butterfly Bulletin
PhilanthropyBreast cancer awareness and education
HeadquartersPO Box 30458
Greenville, NC 27833
WebsiteOfficial website

Sigma Omicron Epsilon, Inc. (ΣΟΕ), also known as SOE, is a Native American sorority founded in 1997 at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.[1][2][3] It is one of eight fraternities and sororities across the United States that is considered historically Native American.[4][5]


Sigma Omicron Epsilon was founded on March 30, 1997, on the campus of East Carolina University by seven Native American women.[6] Its founders envisioned a sisterhood that promoted Native American culture and education, as well as a network for its members.[6][1] Any women with an interest in Native American culture are eligible for membership.[1]

The sorority's founders were Deidre Arlene Jacobs-Blanks, Jolena Bullard, Berna Linette Chavis, Cabrina Lynne Cummings, Candance Holona Hammonds, Patrice Henderson, and Una Gail Locklear.[1]


Sigma Omicron Epsilon's colors are blue, white, and yellow.[6] Its flower is the yellow rose and its symbol is the butterfly.[6]


The sorority's national philanthropy is breast cancer awareness and education.[7] Its members participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and a variety of fundraisers.[7] It also offers a scholarship to a female student attending its chapter institutions.[8] In 2019, the East Carolina chapter co-sponsored the My Culture is Not a Costume campaign.[9] The chapters also bring Native American speakers to campus.[10]


Chapter Chartered Institution Location Status Reference
Alpha March 30, 1997 East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina Active [11][3]
Beta 2004 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina Active [12][13]
Gamma January 2007 University of North Carolina at Pembroke Pembroke, North Carolina Active [14]
Graduate 2011 Active [15]

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