1949 Jewish fraternity and sorority gathering in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, U.S.

This is a list of historically Jewish fraternities and sororities in the United States and Canada.[1][2] These organizations exemplify (or exemplified) a range of "Jewishness"; some are historically Jewish in origin but later became strictly secular. Some remain more celebratory of their Jewish roots from a historic perspective only, and some actively promote Jewish culture and religious traditions within their current program.[3]

The terms "fraternity" and "sorority" are used somewhat interchangeably, with men's and co-ed groups always using "fraternity", and women's groups using either "fraternity" or "sorority". For convenience, the term "Greek letter society" is a generic substitute. The word "Greek" in this case refers to the use of Greek letters for each society's name, and not to Greek ethnicity.


The following list include the larger groups. There were many Jewish local chapters formed at universities around the United States, most of which eventually became a chapter of these larger entities. Bold indicates active groups. Italic indicates dormant groups, or those which merged into another, larger society.

Social fraternities

Name Symbols Chartered/Range Founding location Affiliation Scope Active chapters Status Reference
Alpha Epsilon Pi ΑΕΠ November 7, 1913 New York University FFC International 146 Active [1]
Alpha Eta Phi ΑΗΦ February 22, 1922–19xx ? 0 Inactive [4]
Alpha Mu Sigma ΑΜΣ March 19141963 Cooper Union Independent National 0 Inactive, Merged [4]
Beta Sigma Rho ΒΣΡ October 12, 19101920 Cornell University NIC National 0 Merged [5][a][b]
Hai Resh November 8, 1908–19xx ? 0 Merged [4][c]
Kappa Nu ΚΝ November 12, 19111961 University of Rochester NIC National 0 Merged [d]
Mu Alpha Delta ΜΑΔ 1923–19xx ? City University of New York National 0 Inactive [6]
Mu Sigma ΜΣ 1906–19xx ? 0 Inactive [4]
Omicron Alpha Tau ΟΑΤ May 19121934 Cornell University NIC National 0 Merged [e]
Phi Alpha ΦΑ October 14, 19141959 George Washington University NIC National 0 Merged [f]
Phi Beta Delta ΦΒΔ 19121941 Columbia University NIC National 0 Merged [g]
Phi Delta Mu ΦΔΜ 1920c. 1935–1940 City University of New York National 0 Inactive [7][4][8][h]
Phi Delta Pi ΦΔΠ 1899c. 1955 New York City, New York National 0 Merged [6][9][i]
Phi Epsilon Pi ΦΕΠ November 13, 19041970 New York City, New York NIC International 0 Merged [j]
Phi Lambda Delta ΦΛΔ 1920–19xx ? Columbia University Regional 0 Inactive [6][k]
Phi Sigma Delta ΦΣΔ November 10, 19091970 Columbia University NIC National 0 Merged [l]
Pi Lambda Phi ΠΛΦ March 21, 1895 Yale University NIC International 44 Active [1][m]
Pi Tau Pi ΠΤΠ November 9, 1909–19xx ? National 0 Inactive [4]
Sigma Alpha Mu ΣΑΜ November 26, 1909 City College of New York NIC International 50 Active [1][n]
Sigma Lambda Pi ΣΛΠ 19151932 New York University Independent National 0 Merged [4][o]
Sigma Omega Psi ΣΩΨ 19141940 College of the City of New York National 0 Merged [1]: VIII-22 [p]
Sigma Tau Epsilon ΣΤΕ 1923–19xx ? National 0 Inactive [4]
Sigma Tau Phi ΣΤΦ 19181947 University of Pennsylvania National 0 Merged [q][r]
Tau Delta Mu ΤΔΜ 1920–19xx ? City University of New York National 0 Inactive [6][s]
Tau Delta Phi ΤΔΦ June 10, 1910 New York City, New York NIC National 5 Active [1][t]
Tau Epsilon Phi ΤΕΦ October 10, 1910 Columbia University NIC International 25 Active
Tau Sigma Omicron ΤΣΟ 1917–19xx ? National 0 Merged [6][u]
Zeta Beta Tau ΖΒΤ December 29, 1898 Jewish Theological Seminary NIC International 82 Active [v]


  1. ^ Started as Beta Samach. The second symbol in the name was Hebrew. Beta Samach changed its name with the chartering of its third chapter, becoming Beta Sigma Rho.
  2. ^ Merged with Pi Lambda Phi in 1920.
  3. ^ Merged with Pi Tau Pi.
  4. ^ Merged with Phi Epsilon Pi in 1961.
  5. ^ Merged with Tau Delta Phi in 1934.
  6. ^ Merged with Phi Sigma Delta in 1959.
  7. ^ Merged with Pi Lambda Phi in 1941.
  8. ^ Cornell's Zeta chapter merged into Phi Beta Delta in 1935.
  9. ^ Merged with Tau Kappa Epsilon.
  10. ^ Merged with Zeta Beta Tau in 1970.
  11. ^ Expanded to five chapters.
  12. ^ Merged with Zeta Beta Tau in 1970.
  13. ^ Founded as non-sectarian but was predominantly Jewish until the end of World War II.
  14. ^ The fraternity dropped its Jewish affiliation and became open to men of all faiths in 1953.
  15. ^ The Rider University chapter of Sigma Lambda Pi retained the former national's name as a local, later adding a second chapter. Both are dormant. Merged with Phi Epsilon Pi.
  16. ^ Three active chapters merged with Alpha Epsilon Pi in 1940.
  17. ^ Originally only admitted Jewish men in the fields of Engineering and Architecture but changed to all Jewish men after the addition of a second chapter.
  18. ^ Merged with Alpha Epsilon Pi in 1947.
  19. ^ Expanded to around ten chapters.
  20. ^ Tau Delta Phi was the first NIC fraternity to integrate by welcoming all races, creeds, ethnicities, and religions in 1945, and was the first to open membership to include transgender, gender fluid, and non-binary members in February 2021.
  21. ^ Seven chapters merged with Alpha Epsilon Pi.
  22. ^ Originally a Zionist youth society, its became nonsectarian and opened to non-Jewish members in 1954. Considered the first Jewish fraternity.

Social sororities

Name Symbols Chartered/Range Founding institution Location Affiliation Scope Active chapters Status Reference
Alpha Epsilon Phi ΑΕΦ October 24, 1909 Barnard College New York, New York NPC National 50 Active [1]
Delta Phi Epsilon ΔΦΕ March 17, 1917 New York University Law School New York, New York NPC International 110 Active [a]
Delta Pi ΔΠ November 2, 1989 York University York, Canada Independent Regional 4 Active [10]
Iota Alpha Pi ΙΑΠ March 3, 1903July 1971 New York City Normal College (now Hunter College) New York, New York NPC International 0 Inactive [4]
Pi Alpha Tau ΠΑΤ May 1917c. 1950 Hunter College New York, New York Independent National 0 Inactive
Phi Sigma Sigma ΦΣΣ November 26, 1913 Hunter College New York, New York NPC National 115 Active [a]
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi ΣΑΕΠ October 1, 1998 University of California, Davis Davis, California Independent National 12 Active
Sigma Delta Tau ΣΔΤ March 25, 1917 Cornell University Ithaca, New York NPC National 64 Active [1]
Zeta Beta Omega ΖΒΩ December 3, 2018 University of Toronto, St. George Campus Toronto, Canada Independent Local 1 Active [11]


Information on the continuing activity of some of these societies may be missing. Active groups are listed in bold. Inactive groups are listed in italic.

Name Symbols Chartered/Range Founding Location Focus Affiliation Scope Active chapters Status Notes Reference
Alelph Yodh He איה 19071921 Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery Medical National 0 Merged [b]
Alpha Omega ΑΩ December 20, 1907 Baltimore, Maryland Dental Independent International 125 Active [1]
Alpha Zeta Gamma ΑΖΓ 1910September 17, 1932 Chicago College of Dental Surgery Dental Independent National 0 Merged [12][c]
Alpha Zeta Omega ΑΖΩ December 19, 1919 Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science Pharmacy Independent National 42 Active coed [d]
Iota Theta ΙΘ 1918–19xx ? Law 0 Inactive
Kappa Epsilon Phi ΚΕΦ 1930–19xx ? Alfred University Engineering National 0 Inactive [e]
Lambda Alpha Phi ΛΑΦ 1919–19xx ? Law 0 Inactive [4]
Lambda Gamma Phi ΛΓΦ October 21, 1921–19xx ? Law 0 Inactive
Lambda Epsilon Xi ΛΕΞ 1936 or earlier–19xx ? Law 0 Inactive [13]
Lambda Omicron Gamma ΛΟΓ 1924 Osteopaths Active
Mu Beta Chi ΜΒΧ 1933–19xx ? Business 0 Inactive [14]
Mu Sigma Pi ΜΣΠ January 18, 1932–19xx ? Optometrists 0 Inactive
Nu Beta Epsilon ΝΒΕ 1919 Columbus, Ohio Law National 15 Active coed
Phi Delta Epsilon ΦΔΕ 1903 Cornell University Medical College Medical PFA International 182 Active coed [4]
Phi Lambda Kappa ΦΛΚ 1907 University of Pennsylvania Medical International 41 Active coed
Phi Sigma Mu ΦΣΜ 1932–19xx ? Omaha University Night Law School Law Local 0 Inactive [15][f]
Rho Pi Phi ΡΠΦ January 3, 1919 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Pharmacy PFA National Active coed
Sigma Epsilon Delta ΣΕΔ 1901–19xx ? University of Pennsylvania Dental Local 0 Inactive [g]
Sigma Iota Zeta ΣΙΖ 1933–19xx ? Veterinarians 0 Inactive
Tau Epsilon Rho Law Society ΤΕΡ 1921 Western Reserve University School Law National Active [16][h]


  1. ^ a b Although their founders were Jewish, Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Sigma are historically nonsectarian sororities.
  2. ^ Merged with Phi Lambda Kappa
  3. ^ Merged with Alpha Omega.
  4. ^ Originally known as the Dead Men's Club.
  5. ^ The Alfred University chapter was founded in 1930, became Kappa Nu in 1933. The Ohio State chapter was founded in 1935 and lasted two years. No information in Baird's.
  6. ^ Not to be confused with the fictional fraternity of the same name, from the movie G.O.A.T.
  7. ^ Baird's 1923 edition has this as a local at Penn; may have expanded to multiple chapters.
  8. ^ Tau Epsilon Rho formed in 1921 by the merger of the local Lambda Eta Chi Law Fraternity, established in 1919 at Western Reserve University School of Law, and the local Phi Epsilon Rho, established in 1921 at Ohio State University Law School. Both groups were Jewish law fraternities. It became the Tau Epsilon Rho Law Society in 1985.

High school

Information on the continuing activity of some of these societies may be missing. Known active groups are listed in bold; dormant groups are listed in italics.

Name Symbols Chartered/Range Founding location Type Scope Active Chapters Status Reference
Aleph Zadik Aleph אצא 1924 Omaha, Nebraska Fraternity International Active
BBG (BBYO) 1944 Sorority International Active
Iota Phi ΙΦ Sorority National 0 Inactive [17]
Phi Beta ΦΒ 1920–19xx ? Faternity National 0 Inactive [4][a]
Phi Sigma Beta ΦΣΒ June 22, 1910 Fraternity 0 Inactive [18][b]
Phi Sigma Sigma ΦΣΣ
Pi Upsilon Phi ΠΥΦ Fraternity National 0 Inactive [19]
Sigma Alpha Rho ΣΑΡ November 18, 1917 West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fraternity International Active
Sigma Theta Pi ΣΘΠ 1909 Sorority National 0 Inactive [20][21][22][c]
Upsilon Lambda Phi ΥΛΦ April 5, 1916 0 Inactive


  1. ^ Not to be confused with the professional fraternity for the creative and performing arts.
  2. ^ Became ΤΔΦ collegiate fraternity in 1914.
  3. ^ Not to be confused with the international sorority with a similar name, Sigma Thêta Pi, founded in 2003, nor the local Christian fraternity at Howard Payne University, founded in 2004.

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