Phi Lambda Kappa
Founded1907; 114 years ago (1907)
University of Pennsylvania
AffiliationPFA (former)
Colors  Blue and   White
PublicationThe Quarterly
Members4,800+ lifetime
HeadquartersRoom 1401
1015 Chestnut

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phi Lambda Kappa (ΦΛΚ) is a professional medical fraternity that was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1907.[2]


The fraternity, founded as a local of this same name in 1907 at the University of Pennsylvania, grew into a national of 41 chapters and 4,800 members as of 1977.

The fraternity evolved through consolidation, becoming what it termed "the eastern branch" of an expanded Phi Lambda Kappa by adding Aleph Yodh He, a national formed in 1908 which it then called its western branch. Aleph Yodh He had been formed at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1908, and by the time of the merger had chartered nine chapters and claimed 350 members. A third fraternity joined this consolidation, the local chapter named Zeta Phi Mu at Loyola of Chicago, which had been established in 1912 (earlier?). These moves were an outcome of a planned consolidation of Jewish medical fraternities.[3] The amalgamation produced a combined twelve chapters as the outcome of its organizational meeting in Pittsburgh in 1922; some of these may have combined where existing at the same school.[4] The names Aleph Yodh He and Zeta Phi Mu were retired in 1922, the organization taking the national name of Phi Lambda Kappa.[2]

In 1924, policy was changed to allow graduate members to hold national office.

At the 1952 convention, the constitution was altered to make the fraternity non-sectarian.


The fraternity's badge is diamond-shaped with a field of blue. In the upper corner of the field is a skull and crossbones, filled in white. The letters ΦΛΚ are set in gold at the midline, and below these is a six-pointed star, also filled in white. The corners of the badge are set with rubies, and the sides with pearls - four pearls on each side.[2]

The colors of the society are blue and white.[2]

Chapter list

Chapter is list from Baird's 19th. edition (1977), reprinted in the 20th edition. Active chapters, as of that date, are listed in bold; inactive chapters in italics.[2]

Collegiate Chapters Founding Institution Founding Date Notes Status
Alpha University of Pennsylvania 1907 This was the original Phi Lambda Kappa Alpha chapter. Active
Alpha Alpha University of Illinois at Chicago 1908 This was the first chapter of Aleph Yodh He. Active
Beta Jefferson Medical 1909 Active
Delta Rush Medical College 1912 Inactive
Gamma Loyola University Chicago 1912 This appears to have originally been the local fraternity, Zeta Mu Phi. Active
Epsilon Northwestern University 1914 Inactive
Eta New York University - Bellevue 1919 Active
Theta Long Island Medical 1919 Active
Zeta Columbia University P and S 1919 Inactive
Iota Tufts University 1920 Active
Kappa University at Buffalo 1920 Active
Mu Pittsburgh University 1922 Inactive
Nu Boston University 1922 Active
Omicron Wayne State University 1922 Active
Pi University of Michigan 1922 Inactive
Xi University of Maryland 1922 Inactive
Rho George Washington University 1923 Inactive
Sigma Virginia Medical 1923 Inactive
Chi Albany Medical 1924 Inactive
Phi Georgetown Medical 1924 Inactive
Psi Tulane University 1924 Active
Tau St. Louis University 1924 Inactive
Upsilon University of Virginia 1924 Active
Lambda Yale University 1925 Inactive
Omega University of Tennessee 1925 Inactive
Alpha Gamma Case Western Reserve University 1926 Active
Alpha Beta Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia 1926 Inactive
Alpha Delta Harvard University 1927 Inactive
Alpha Epsilon University of Kansas 1927 Inactive
Alpha Eta Washington University in St. Louis 1927 Inactive
Alpha Zeta Medical University of South Carolina 1927 Inactive
Alpha Iota Temple University 1928 Inactive
Alpha Kappa Cornell University 1928 Inactive
Alpha Theta Ohio State University 1928 Inactive
Alpha Mu New York University School of Medicine 1929 Active
Alpha Nu University of Louisville 1930 Inactive
Alpha Lambda University of California 1933 Inactive
Alpha Xi Baylor University 1933 Inactive
Alpha Omicron Louisiana State University 1936 Inactive
Alpha Rho Chicago Medical School 1939 Active
Hebrew Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hadassah) 1949 Active

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