San Diego Jewish World
Owner(s)Jacob Kamaras
PublisherJacob Kamaras
EditorJacob Kamaras
HeadquartersSan Diego, California

The San Diego Jewish World is a publication that covers Jewish-interest news and cultural affairs in the San Diego, California, area and international Jewish news.[1][2][3]

The World was founded in 2009 by Donald and Nancy Harrison and was published by The Harrison Enterprises.[2] It has correspondents throughout the United States, Israel, and in countries with large Jewish populations.[2] The World staff is composed of volunteers[2] many from the former San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage and the San Diego Jewish Times.[4]

Its main competitor is the San Diego Jewish Journal. In November 2021, Jacob Kamaras bought the publication and began to serve as its editor and publisher. [5][6]


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