The Jewish Channel (TJC) is a cable television channel available on Comcast, iO Optimum Cablevision, Time Warner Cable,[1] Verizon FiOS,[2] RCN, Frontier Communications, and Cox Cable. It was launched by Compass Productions International in 2007.[3][4] In 2011, the channel had around 45,000 subscribers.[5] The Jewish Channel was added to Bright House Networks' digital lineup in July 2011.[6] Shortly after TJC was created, they began a close relationship with The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, which allowed TJC to provide programming directly related to headline topics. Other available programming is focused on Israeli culture, music, and history.[3] TJC has also been referred to as the Jewish HBO, where the majority of programs are related to the cultural side of Judaism and less emphasis on the religious side.[7][8][9]


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