SawYouAtSinai is an online dating website for Orthodox Jews. It was one of the first Jewish-focused dating websites. (SYAS) was founded by Pittsburgh-based shadchan (Jewish matchmaker) Tova Weinberg and Marc Goldmann[1] in December 2003, one of the first Jewish dating websites. SYAS combines the traditional shidduch process with the Internet. Members fill out a questionnaire detailing level of religious observance. A cadre of approximately 365 volunteer matchmakers,[2] who are married and devote at least 6 hours per week to SYAS, look through profiles on the website and recommend matches to their clients.[3] When a marriage is successful arranged, the clients pay a fee, usually $2,000, directly to the matchmaker.[4]

By 2007, the site claimed 420 successful matches since launch.[1] As of 2013, SYAS had more than 30,000 users and facilitated approximately 1,000 marriages.[3] The site's success led Goldmann and Alan Cutter to expand the SYAS formula to other groups such as non-Orthodox Jews, Mormons, and South Asians.[2]

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