Jewcy is an online magazine of Jewish pop culture and offbeat news. The site was launched on November 15, 2006.[1] The Guardian has described Jewcy as "a cultural icon" and "at the forefront of a reinvention of Jewish identity by young US Jews".[2] The New York Times has described Jewcy as part of "the Jewish Hipster movement".[3]

In October 2009, the not-for-profit JDub Records announced that it had adopted Jewcy, making it a new project of the seven-year-old organization.[4] Jewcy had over 100,000 unique visitors monthly[5] and over 1,000 bloggers.[6] Lilit Marcus served as editor-in-chief until February 2010, when Jason Diamond took over the position. In 2011, Tablet Magazine acquired Jewcy, and the former has been Jewcy's "big sister" site ever since.[7]

Jewcy went on hiatus in 2018, and became active again in August 2021.[8][9]


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