The Legend of the Titanic
DVD cover art
Directed byOrlando Corradi
Kim J. Ok
Written byCelelia Castaldo
Loris Peota
Produced byOrlando Corradi
Edited byEmanuelle Fogelietti
Music byJohn Sposito (Gianni Sposito)
Distributed byMondo TV
Release date
  • 17 April 1999 (1999-04-17) (Italy)
Running time
84 minutes
CountriesNorth Korea
United States

The Legend of the Titanic (Spanish: La leyenda del Titanic, Italian: La leggenda del Titanic) is a 1999 animated fantasy film directed by Orlando Corradi and Kim J. Ok.[4] The film is a very loose adaptation of the RMS Titanic sinking and featured several fantasy elements such as anthropomorphic animals.[5][6]

The Legend of the Titanic was followed by a 2004 sequel titled Tentacolino and a 2011 television series, Fantasy Island (not to be confused with the popular 1977–1984 fantasy drama of the same name).[7]


In New York City, an old mouse named Connors tells his grandchildren the supposedly "true" story of the RMS Titanic, after discouraging one of his grandchildren from playing with a shark whistle.

In April 1912, Connors was a young sailor mouse on the Titanic's maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. He is in charge of taking account for the mice who are making the trip through various maritime protocols. A young mouse named Ronny, who enjoys playing soccer, befriends Connors.

A jail attire-wearing shark named Mr. Ice, is asked to arrange the destruction of the ship.

Mr. Ice and his gang of sharks prepares to sink the Titanic. Geoffreys asks the radio man to send an urgent wire from Maltravers to his whaling ships by telegraph, but the mice chew apart the wires to stop it from being sent.

Ice and his gang of sharks fools a giant octopus named Tentacles into heaving an iceberg to the surface of the ocean. The Titanic crashes into the iceberg, during which Maltravers and his entourage flee the ship in a lifeboat. In order to fix the telegraph wires, the mice enlist the help of a French mouse named Camembert, who insist they tie the wires to his moustache, electrocuting him to death.

Suddenly, several whales and dolphins arrive to help with the rescue, while a guilt-ridden but determined Tentacles tries to hold the bow and the stern together as they are splitting apart, and keep the ship on the surface for as long as possible. Everyone jumps off the Titanic into the sea and are saved by a whale. Once everyone on the ship has been saved, the Titanic finally sinks, taking Tentacles with it and seemingly crushing him. In the morning, the passengers are taken aboard the RMS Carpathia. The said ship arrives in New York and disembarks the passengers.

Back in modern-day New York old Connors tells his grandchildren that whales are still hunted, and that they must do whatever they can to stop the whaling scheme at all costs.


Original version

English dub


The Legend of the Titanic was an international effort between North Korea's state owned SEK for animation, and Spanish ITB and American Hollywood Gang as producers, as well as an Italian writing team and composer.[8][9][10]


Tim Brayton of Alternate Ending gave the movie a 0.5/5, stating "A giddy, so-bad-it's-the-most-essential-movie-I've-ever-seen disaster of tasteless incompetence."[11]

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