Introduced13 January 1993
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryLesotho Network Information Centre
SponsorLesotho Communications Authority
Intended useEntities connected with  Lesotho
Actual useUsed mainly in Lesotho; sees rare use as a domain hack
StructureNew registrations are taken on second and third level, below one of the existing second-level labels
DocumentsRegistration policies
Dispute policiesUDRP
Registry websitewww.nic.ls

.ls is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Lesotho.

Second-level domains

Registration to .ls domains are provided through accredited registrars.

There are also registrations on third level as shown below

Second-level domains within .ls
Domain Intended purpose
.ac.ls Academic or educational organisations
.co.ls Commercial entities, companies
.gov.ls Government departments; can only be registered through the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology
.net.ls Network infrastructure
.nul.ls National University of Lesotho: used only by the university and can be registered by them only
.org.ls Non-commercial entities
.sc.ls Primary and High schools


The .ls domain was established and first delegated on 13 January 1993, with the National University of Lesotho as the sponsoring authority. Initially, Rhodes University acted as the registry and hosted the primary name server, a situation that continued until September 2012.

In April 2012, the sponsoring authority changed from the National University of Lesotho to the Lesotho Communications Authority, the national communications regulator, in line with the newly promulgated Communications Act (No. 4 of 2012). In January 2016, a non-profit company, the Lesotho Network Information Centre (LsNIC) was established to take over registry operations. Re-delegation of the zone was completed by IANA in March 2017.