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Introduced8 June 1987
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryMalaysia Network Information Centre (MYNIC Berhad)
SponsorMalaysia Network Information Centre
Intended useEntities connected with  Malaysia
Actual usePopular in Malaysia
Registration restrictionsMalaysian presence required; various restrictions specific to different subdomains
StructureRegistrations are available at third level beneath some second-level labels
DocumentsRegistration; FAQs; Agreement for registration of domain name
Dispute policiesDispute Resolution Policy

.my is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Malaysia. MYNIC is the agency responsible for the domain, and is under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) and regulated by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

MYNIC administers the name space for the .my,,,,,,, top level domain (TLD). This involves the registration of domain names as well as the maintenance and operation of a domain name registry (a central database for .my domain names).


In addition, MYNIC holds the responsibility of developing top level domain policies, and carries out research projects such as:


Chief Executive Officer

The following have been CEOs of MYNIC:

Domain Names Categories

MYNIC administers eight (8) domain name categories,[2] namely:

1) .my - for Malaysian individuals and organizations
2) - for commercial organisation/activities
3) - for network-related organisations/activities
4) - for organisations/activities which do not qualify for other categories
5) - for Malaysian educational organisations only
6) - for Malaysian government organisations only
7) - for Malaysian military organisations only
8) - for Malaysian individual's personal use only
9)[3] for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises



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