Introduced7 November 1990
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryZA Central Registry[needs update]
Intended useEntities connected with South Africa
Actual usePopular in South Africa
Registration restrictionsNone in .co.za; various restrictions in other subdomains
StructureRegistrations are only taken at third level beneath various second-level labels
DocumentsArticles of Association of ZADNA
Dispute policiesAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Additional information
Registry websiteregistry.net.za

.za is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for South Africa. The .za namespace is managed and regulated by the .za Domain Name Authority (ZADNA).[1] Most domains are registered under the second-level domain .co.za.[2]

ZA is an abbreviation of the Dutch name for the country: Zuid-Afrika.


None of the official names for South Africa can be abbreviated to ZA, which is an abbreviation of the Dutch Zuid-Afrika. Dutch was considered an official language in the Union of South Africa until 1961; it subsequently lost its synonymous status with Afrikaans in 1983. Suid-Afrika is the standard spelling in Afrikaans, but the .sa domain is used by Saudi Arabia. Zuid-Afrika has a history of usage: the international vehicle code for South Africa has been "ZA" since 1936. ZAR serves as the ISO 4217 currency code for the South African rand. South African aircraft registration prefixes also start with Z.

Second-level domains

.ZA has a Second Level Domain (SLD) Structure.[3]




Former (deleted)

ZADNA removed a number of domains from the .za zone on 7 August 2009:[5]


Currently around 29.39% of the .za internet is served via secured HTTPS protocol, with the Let's Encrypt Authority X3 being the most popular SSL certificate.[6] Apache is the most popular web server, serving 66.56% of the .za domains, followed by Microsoft-IIS serving 11.60% of the total .za domains.[6] The most common 1st character in domain names is "c", with 10.76% of .za domains starting with this character.[6]

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